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Weekly ToolBox Talks

Welcome to MSHA's Small Mine Office Weekly ToolBox Talks.

The Small Mine Office has developed a series of weekly ToolBox talks that can be used by small mine operators and others to hold safety and health discussions for their employees at their mining operations. The Small Mine Office has developed these ToolBox talks in consultation with members of the mining community and appreciates their input. The first installment of 10 weekly suggested safety talks are listed below and in the days to come another installment will follow with a full complement of 52 weekly ToolBox talks to be posted to MSHA's web site. The Small Mine Office hopes these ToolBox talks will help small mine operators and their miners to keep safety and health at the forefront of their daily and weekly activities.

The following files are in PDF.

You may now download the entire collection (Weeks 1 - 52).
Just right click on this link, and save to your PC. The file size is (3,081 KB).

Week Topic Week Topic
Blue TriangleWeek 1 Our Safety & Health Goals Blue TriangleWeek 2 Hard Hats, Eye Protection, and Protective Footwear
Blue TriangleWeek 3 Speed Limits, Mobile Equipment, and Riders Blue TriangleWeek 4 Lock Out/Tagout Procedures, and Safety Belts in Vehicles, Guardrails, Handrails, & Steps
Blue TriangleWeek 5 Heat Exhaustion, Housekeeping, and Overhead Power Lines Blue TriangleWeek 6 Guards, Lifting, and Report Injuries
Blue TriangleWeek 7 Teamwork and Hearing Protection Blue TriangleWeek 8 Attitude, Respirators, and Skin Rashes
Blue TriangleWeek 9 Fall Hazards, Safe Work Procedures, and Short Cuts Blue TriangleWeek 10 Flammable Liquids and Fire Extinguishers
Blue TriangleWeek 11 Pry Bars, Personal Safety, and Hand Safety Blue TriangleWeek 12 Compressed Airlines, Clothing, and Personal Protective Equipment - Hearing
Blue TriangleWeek 13 Handrails and Steps and Oxygen-Acetylene Torch Safety Blue TriangleWeek 14 Safety Lines, Crane Safety, and Personal Protective Equipment - Eye Protection
Blue TriangleWeek 15 Removing Bucket Teeth, Personal Conduct, and Storage Areas Blue TriangleWeek 16 Operator Fitness, Cleaning with Water or Fire Hoses, and Safe Access
Blue TriangleWeek 17 Conveyor Safety, Using a Shovel and Pump Safety Blue TriangleWeek 18 Hydraulic Systems, Tag Out Mobile Equipment Not In Service, and Label Containers
Blue TriangleWeek 19 Handrails and Walkways, Drugs and Alcohol, and Radios and Cassettes Blue TriangleWeek 20 Stockpile and Highwall Safety, Housekeeping and Driving Safety – Backing Up
Blue TriangleWeek 21 Avoid Hand Tool Injuries, Personal Protective Equipment, and Life Jackets or Work Vests Blue TriangleWeek 22 Help Reduce Injury to Others, Portable Electric Tools, and Floor Openings
Blue TriangleWeek 23 Report Unsafe Conditions, Belt Conveyors, and Welding Blue TriangleWeek 24 Dress the Part- “Let’s get it on," Chain Hoists and Come-Alongs, and First Aid - Infections
Blue TriangleWeek 25 Falls From Equipment, Circle of Life, and Safety Harness Blue TriangleWeek 26 Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke
Blue TriangleWeek 27 Personal Conduct, Operating Service Pickup Trucks, and Fire Prevention and Control Blue TriangleWeek 28 Lightning Precautions, Crane Operations, and Mobile Equipment
Blue TriangleWeek 29 Containers, Backing Equipment, and Lifting Procedures Blue TriangleWeek 30 Working in Hot Weather, Electrical Safety, and Take a Few Minutes for Safety-General Safety Precautions
Blue TriangleWeek 31 Oxygen - Acetylene Cutting Torches, Compressed Gases, and Eye Protection Blue TriangleWeek 32 Drills, Grinders, and Welding Accessories
Blue TriangleWeek 33 Welding Courtesy, Oxygen - Acetylene Cutting Torches, and Jump Starting Batteries Blue TriangleWeek 34 Hand Tools, Chains and Come-Alongs, and Teamwork
Blue TriangleWeek 35 Accidents Don't Just Happen, Attitude, and Eyes Blue TriangleWeek 36 Injuries, Stay Alert, and Look Where You Are Walking
Blue TriangleWeek 37 Ladders and Berms Blue TriangleWeek 38 Striking Tools, Hammers, and The Three "C's" of Driving
Blue TriangleWeek 39 Safety Lines, Get Help, and Back Support Belt Blue TriangleWeek 40 Equipment Inspection, Housekeeping, and Watch Your Step
Blue TriangleWeek 41 Ladders, Personal Protective Equipment, and Rigging for a lift Blue TriangleWeek 42 Mobile Equipment, Personal Items, and Housekeeping
Blue TriangleWeek 43 Hand Safety, Safety Lines, and Mobile Equipment Blue TriangleWeek 44 Equipment Operators, Lockout Procedures, and Flammable Liquids
Blue TriangleWeek 45 Fire Extinguishers, Fire Safety, and Office Safety Blue TriangleWeek 46 Crane Safety - Manual/Operating Information and Crane Safety - Operation, and Watch Your Step
Blue TriangleWeek 47 Belt Conveyor Safety, Forklift Safety, and Electrical Safety Blue TriangleWeek 48 Mobile Equipment, Equipment Operation, and Safety Objective
Blue TriangleWeek 49 Compressed Gas Cylinders, Defective Tools, and Power Tools Blue TriangleWeek 50 Pickup Truck Safety, Concentration, and Lubricating Equipment
Blue TriangleWeek 51 Falls From Equipment, Teamwork, and Fire Extinguishers Blue TriangleWeek 52 General Safety Rules and General Safety Rules

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