Mission Statement

Trade Winds Europe - Business Development Forum

April 14-16, 2008 – Istanbul, Turkey

Mission Description:

The United States Department of Commerce, International Trade Administration, U.S. Commercial Service (CS) Office of Domestic Operations and Office of International Operations are organizing a trade mission to the Trade Winds Europe – Business Development Forum in Istanbul, Turkey on April 14-16, 2008. Building on the momentum and theme of the Trade Winds Forum that was held in Crystal City, Virginia in May of 2007, the CS has designed a client-oriented event consisting of a full day conference program called the “Pan-European Conference”; Senior Commercial Officer (SCO)-Client Consultations; and a business to business matchmaking program. This forum will focus on the larger pan-European market and provide U.S. companies with substantive knowledge in entering or expanding their business in the European market. The Pan-European Conference will provide a full day of private sector experts and U.S. Government officials (SCO’s) sharing their expertise and market-entry strategies for Europe and Turkey.

The Trade Winds Europe mission offers an opportunity for U.S. manufacturers and service providers to meet with international agents, distributors and end-users whose capabilities are targeted to each U.S. participants’ needs in that particular market. Mission participants will also meet with key local industry contacts who can advise on local market conditions and opportunities.

During the trade mission, participants will be exposed to these market opportunities and develop key government and private sector contacts in Turkey. Trade Mission activities will include a Pan-European Business Conference, private consultations with the Senior Commercial Officers in Europe, and one-on-one appointments with prospective Turkish business partners.

Commercial Setting:

Europe: Together, the U.S. and Europe share more than 40 percent of the global economy and transact more than $1.5 trillion per year in trade and investment. Europe is often among the first export market for U.S. companies. When businesses look to Europe, they are looking to an opportunity unparalleled in any other region. Europe is much broader than the 27-member European Union and opportunities are abundant. For example, the European Economic Area and the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) countries have harmonized many of their regulations with the European Union. The EFTA countries (Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Switzerland), though small in population, are among the wealthiest in the world on a per capita basis.

The introduction in many EU Member States of a common currency, the euro, and mutual recognition of standards has made the European market both more competitive and more open. While the European market for U.S. goods and services is truly a single market for some items, it is still fragmented along country, language, cultural, or regional lines for others. With the ongoing consolidation of distribution channels and retailers, marketing for many goods can now be done with a pan-European perspective. But for other items – particularly specialty products – the retail outlets, distributors and end-users are still local, and the best coverage for such markets will likely be on a regional basis that might even divide Europe’s larger countries into more than one market.

Turkey is strategically positioned at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and the Middle East.  Aside from its location, Turkey’s increasingly complex mix of modern industry and commerce continues to attract a diverse set of American companies, ranging from mining to high technology to energy.  The Republic of Turkey’s movement toward membership in the European Union is creating momentum to adopt European business regulations and standards in Turkey, making it easier to sell and conduct business in this market. The Commercial Service in Turkey has identified a number of market opportunities for U.S. firms and continues to work with companies in either entering the Turkish market or expanding market share . Turkey is the 6 th largest economy in Europe and ranks 15 th in the world. Last year’s growth rate was 9.9% one of the highest in the world. Most of that growth was driven by the private sector.

Over the years, there has been a steady increase in U.S. - Turkish bilateral trade, although the U.S. has lost market share as Turkey’s overall international trade expanded even faster.  Today, the U.S. is Turkey’s sixth largest trading partner, with exports to Turkey totaling $5.7 billion in 2006.  From January to June 2007, the U.S. has exported $3.2 billion in goods to Turkey. The trend looks set to continue with anticipated U.S. exports to Turkey for year end at around $6.5 billion. Excellent opportunities exist for U.S. exporters in this market.  Based on the U.S. Commercial Service’s best prospects for Turkey, the following industries will be targeted:

Mission Goals:

The goal of Trade Winds Europe is to educate U.S. companies on the expansive business opportunities in Europe. U.S. participants will also gain first-hand market exposure in Turkey and will have access to U.S. Government officials (Senior Commercial Officers based in Europe) during the one-day conference. On the second day, U.S. participants will meet privately with some of the twenty-seven Europe-based Senior Commercial Officers for 30-minute appointments to discuss their companies’ pan-European business strategy. Each U.S. company could potentially have up to 14 (thirty-minute) private meetings with the U.S. Senior Commercial Officers. On the third day, each U.S. company will be able to meet with up to 5 pre-screened, Turkish private-sector contacts for one-on-one business matchmaking appointments.

Mission Scenario:

Trade Winds Forum will include one stop: Istanbul, Turkey. Trade Winds Forum participants will benefit from a pan-European conference program, private business consultations with Europe-based Senior Commercial Officers and one-on-one business meetings with prospective agents, distributors, partners, and end users.

Mission Timetable:

Istanbul, Turkey

April 13, 2008 Arrive Istanbul

April 14, 2008 Pan-European Business Conference
(Including Turkey Briefing)

April 15, 2008 Private Consultations with Senior Commercial Officers

April 16, 2008 One-on-one business appointments with pre-screened, private-sector Turkish companies

Criteria for Participation and Selection

Any partisan political activities (including political contributions) of an applicant are entirely irrelevant to the selection process.

Mission recruitment will be conducted in an open and public manner, including publication in the Federal Register, posting on the Commerce Department trade mission calendar – www.ita.doc.gov/doctm/tmcal.html – and other Internet web sites, press releases to the general and trade media, direct mail and broadcast fax, notices by industry trade associations and other multiplier groups, and announcements at industry meetings, symposia, conferences, and trade shows.

Recruitment for the mission will begin on December 1, 2007 and conclude no later than February 1, 2008.

U.S. Contact Information:

Bill Burwell, Director
Mid-Atlantic Network
U.S. Department of Commerce
U.S. Export Assistance Center – Baltimore
Tel: 410-962-3097 - Cell: 443-271-8796
Fax: 410-962-4529

Anne L. Grey, Director
Mid-Atlantic Network
U.S. Department of Commerce
U.S. Export Assistance Center - Virginia
Tel: 703-235-0327 – Cell: 202-409-2108
Fax: 703-524-2649

Deborah Doherty, Director
Deputy Team Leader – Europe Team
Mid-Atlantic Network
U.S. Department of Commerce
U.S. Export Assistant Center – Harrisburg
Tel: 717-872-4386

Debora Sykes, ITS
Mid-Atlantic Network
U.S. Department of Commerce
U.S. Export Assistant Center – Trenton
Tel: 856-722-1032 - Cell: 609-571-7525
Fax: 856-722-0716

The European market has significant opportunities for all companies from large companies to small- and medium-sized enterprises.