Copenhagen, Denmark May 26, 2008

Stockholm and Jonkoping, Sweden May 27-May 29, 2008





The United States Department of Commerce, International Trade Administration (ITA) Renewable Energy Team and the U.S. Commercial Service (CS) offices in Stockholm, Sweden and Copenhagen, Denmark are organizing a five-day industry-specific Renewable Energy Mission to Denmark and Sweden, May 26-29, 2008. The product areas include solar, wind, geothermal and tidal power generation tools, biomass and biofuel manufacturing technologies and sustainable housing products.

Participants will spend one day in Copenhagen, meeting with Danish government representatives, business multiplier groups and the Danish business community, matchmaking and visiting sites of commercial interest. The trip will then continue to Sweden and to both Jönköping and Stockholm, where the group will have a one-day program at each stop, including panel discussions, site visits, matchmaking and networking. We hope to attract 15-20 U.S. company representatives responsible for their corporate activity in the Nordic region.


The Nordic countries are world leaders in the use of both renewable energy and alternative fuels. The governments are inclined to invest in energy research and to provide tax benefits, fund expansion plans, electricity certificate programs and production incentives for the increased use of alternative fuels and renewable energy. Our U. S. Ambassadors are highly engaged in alternative energy programs as their top priorities in Sweden and Denmark. They have developed high-level, close working relationships with the governments of both countries and are eager to introduce U. S. companies to the Nordic governments and their aggressive program for fossil-fuel independence. For added reference, and although they are not scheduled stops, market opportunity information is also provided for Finland and Norway. Interested U.S. firms are also welcome to contact the Commercial Service in those two countries for possible individual follow-on visits before or after the Trade Mission.

The Nordic energy markets provide excellent opportunities for U.S. companies within the following product areas: equipment and plant technology for the upgrade of nuclear, hydropower and CHP plants; wind power turbine technology and components; solar and geothermal technologies; biomass processing technology; natural gas network technology and power grid infrastructure; and renewable vehicle fuel, battery and engine production technologies.

Quick Nordic facts:






The mission will assist representatives of American companies responsible for business activity in the Nordic area with their efforts to identify profitable opportunities and new markets for their respective U.S. companies and to increase their export potential. In addition, we hope to encourage and increase Sweden-U.S. co-operational efforts with renewable energy technology and products exchange, based on the Memorandum of Understanding between the Government of Sweden and the U.S.

The summary of results expected from the mission includes finding potential partners, agents and distributors, joint venture partners; increase cooperation in the renewable energy technology R&D between the Nordics and U.S. and provide market knowledge for future expansions.


Participants will arrive in Copenhagen on Sunday, May 25.  Monday morning, after an operational briefing by the mission organizers, the group will have a half-day conference that gives an overview of the Danish energy market and a briefing on the upcoming 2009 COP 15 Summit. During the course of the morning, the mission will meet with representatives of the Ministry of Climate and Energy, Energy Agency, Invest in Denmark Agency and other governmental organizations as appropriate. The government will brief the mission on programs and opportunities in Denmark within alternative energy. The U.S. companies will then have an opportunity to showcase their products and services to potential Danish clients in a matchmaking format. The mission will depart for Jönköping, Sweden in the evening after a reception at the Ambassador’s residence.

On Tuesday the group visits the World Bioenergy Conference in Jönköping and the day will start off with a U.S.-Sweden panel on cooperation opportunities within the renewable energy sector. The mission will meet representatives of the U.S.-Sweden alternative energy-working group, including both Government of Sweden and non-governmental organizations. During the course of the day, the mission participants will visit the exhibition, choose between several site visit tours, and have matchmaking meetings with potential Swedish contacts at the conference venue. The evening will end with a conference dinner.

The Mission will depart for Stockholm on Wednesday morning and will start the day with a matchmaking event at the U.S. Embassy, followed by industrial site visits and ending with a final reception at the Ambassador’s residence.

Meals during the mission will be hosted at various locations and include guest speakers covering cleantech related subjects and/or cultural topics.

While the World Bioenergy Conference in Jönköping will have both private and public sector participants from all the four Nordic countries and we intend to include them in the Mission activities, the U.S. participants will also have an option to continue their travel to Oslo, Norway and/or Helsinki, Finland once the Swedish portion of the program is complete. The offices in both countries will stand ready to assist the participants by offering the regular CS services.

The precise schedule will depend on the availability of local government and business officials and the specific goals of the mission participants.

Applications received after April 28, 2008 will be considered only if space and scheduling constraints permit.


Sunday, May 25, 2008

- Arrive Copenhagen

Monday, May 26, 2008

- U.S. –Denmark Renewable Energy Public-Private conference/networking, U.S. Embassy

- Matchmaking meetings with potential Danish contacts and clients, U.S. Embassy

- Reception at the Ambassador’s residence

- Depart for Sweden and J önköping at 20:30

Tuesday, May 27, 2008 (at the World Bioenergy Conference & Exhibition)

- Sweden – U.S. Panel on Renewable Energy Cooperation Opportunities

- Tour of the World Bioenergy Exhibition

- Matchmaking meetings with potential Nordic contacts and clients

- Reception/get-together at the Exhibition hall

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

- Depart for Stockholm 09:30

- Matchmaking meetings with potential Swedish contacts and clients, U.S. Embassy

- Site Visit (sustainable city/DH plant)

- Reception at the Ambassador’s residence

Thursday, May 29, 2008

- Mission members depart Stockholm


Targeted mission participants are U.S. companies providing renewable energy products, solutions and services that have an interest in learning more about increasing their exports to the Nordic energy markets. The following criteria will be evaluated in selecting participants:

Participating companies’ products and/or services must be manufactured or produced in the United States or if manufactured/produced outside of the United States, the product/service must be marketed under the name of a U.S. firm and have U.S. content representing at least 51 percent of the value of the finished good or service.

Recruitment will be conducted in an open and public manner, including publication in the Federal Register, posting on the Internet, press releases to the general and trade media.

Any partisan political activities of an applicant, including political contributions, will be entirely irrelevant to the selection process.


Keith Curtis, Regional Commercial Officer AND
Tuula Javanainen, Commercial Specialist
U.S. Commercial Service
U.S. Embassy
Dag Hammarskj ölds väg 31
115 89 Stockholm
Tel. 46 8 783 5396
Email: keith.curtis@mail.doc.gov and Tuula.Javanainen@mail.doc.gov

Bjarke Frederiksen, Commercial Specialist
U.S. Commercial Service
U.S. Embassy
Dag Hammarskjölds Allé 24
DK-2100 Copenhagen
Tel.: 45 3341 7403
Email: bjarke.frederiksen@mail.doc.gov

Aaron Held
Commercial Officer
United States Commercial Service
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San Jose, CA 95113
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Direct: 408-535-2746
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