U.S. Census Bureau


1. What do the initials CPS stand for?

2. Is CPS income data comparable with other surveys?

3. What is the difference between households and families?

4. What is the difference between a median and a mean?

5. What is the latest median household income in the US by race and Hispanic origin?

6. What is the income of the "middle class"?

7. Do you have income data by quintile, decile, or percentile?

8. What is the median annual earnings for a person in executive, administrative, or managerial occupations?

9. How much money does a woman earn compared to a man?

10. What is the median earnings for a man or woman with a Bachelor's Degree?

11. Do you have income for the elderly?

12. How can I access microdata files on internet?

13. I am having trouble accessing your income data, what should I do?

14. How can I download your data?

Contact the Demographic Call Center Staff at 301-763-2422 or 1-866-758-1060 (toll free) or visit ask.census.gov for further information on Income Data.

Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Housing and Household Economic Statistics Division