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U. S. Department of Justice

Office of the Inspector General

Semiannual Report to Congress

April 1, 1997 - September 30, 1997

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Special Tribute - Border Patrol Agent C. James Englehardt and Supervisory Border Patrol Agent Stephen S. Martin, Jr.

Cover Letter to the Attorney General

Office of the Inspector General

OIG Profile 1

Special Inquiries 2

Other Activities 5

Investigations Division

Overview & Highlights 9

Significant Investigations 9

Civil Rights 14

Investigations Statistics 15

Audit Division

Overview & Highlights 17

Significant Audit Products 17

Follow-up Activities 23

Unresolved Audits 23

ARC Audit Report Decisions 23

Audit Statistics 24

Inspections Division

Overview & Highlights 27

Significant Inspections 27

Inspections Statistics 30


Inspections Division Reports A-1

Audit Division Reports A-2

Reporting Requirements Index A-23

Glossary of Terms A-24


Listing of Charts


Investigations Statistics

Civil Rights Allegations 15
Source of Allegations 15
Investigative Caseload 15
Prosecutive Actions 15
Monetary Results 15

Audit Statistics

Enhanced Revenues 24
Funds Recommended for Better Use 24
Questioned Costs 25
Management Improvements 25

Inspections Statistics

Inspections Workload 30