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Extended Mine Search Page

MSHA is pleased to bring you this feature as part of the Data Retrieval System. What we are doing is providing you with another way to search for mines. The search may be as simple as a search for all mines in a particular state by commodity or by state, county and then by commodity, or by MSHA district and then commodity.

After submitting your request you will be presented with a listing of results that are sorted by state and operator name. At the right hand side of each column is an icon that reads "More Info". This will provide you with mine-specific information and also other reports for that mine. This is the same feature you are accustomed to using when you do a Mine ID search on the Data Retrieval System.

Please Note:
    Some of the search returns are fairly extensive (large in size). We have, by default, excluded all mines with an abandoned status. If you wish to see a list of abandoned mines for any of your queries, just uncheck the box designated for this.

    Also, remember some of this lists may be large and may take a little time to generate, so please be patient.

    There are totals for each search provided at the bottom of each of the returns, as well.

Search for Mines by State, then County and then by Commodity...

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Other Search Options...

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