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Commerce Acquisition Systems Division


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OAM IT Infrastructure

The Commerce Acquisition Systems Division (CASD) supports OAM evolving IT system requirements:

    • Balanced Scorecard
    • Competitive Sourcing
    • Workforce Assessment
    • Grants Online
    • OAM Web
    • CSTARS

In addition, CASD supports OAM strategic initiatives such as the Case for Change by developing enabling technology defined, for example, in the Commerce Business Environment (CBE) and the Enterprise Acquisition Reporting System (EARS).

The Systems Division provides both technical and functional analysis of current and planned OAM systems initiatives including:

IT Security - CASD works with OAM System owners and consultants to ensure OAM systems comply with all IT security requirements.

IT Governance - CASD developed the initial OAM IT Governance framework and provides support to OAM management to manage and control the OAM IT portfolio.

Alignment with Department Requirements - CASD assists OAM system owners and the Office of the CIO to ensure OAM IT initiatives meet Departmental requirements with respect to IT Architecture, Continuity of Operations Planning (COOP), Contigency planning, IT Security, privacy and accessibility.

OAM Web Development - CASD provides task management to consultants providing OAM web page development and maintenance.

Knowledge Management - CASD works with OAM management and consultants to develop and initiate an OAM knowledge management strategy.

Infrastructure Support - CASD works with OAM and OCIO management and staff to ensure efficient, effective operation of OAM IT resources.

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