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Small Business Program Support & Training Contacts

Last updated: 9/20/06

DOC Small Business Program Support

Office of Executive Assistance Management…Grants Administration
14th & Constitution Avenue, NW
Room H-6054
Washington, DC 20230
Grants Officer: Beverly Manley
Phone: 202-482-1370, Fax: 202-482-1844

Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR)….NOAA
1315 East-West Highway
SSMC3 Station 11464 Code CS/RT
Silver Spring, MD 20910
Program Manager: Dr. Joseph M. Bishop
Phone: 301-713-3565, Fax: 301-713-4100
Email: Joseph.Bishop@noaa.gov

Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR)….NIST
Stop 2200, 100 Bureau Drive
Gaithersburg, MD 20899-2200
Program Manager: Clara Asmail
Phone: 301-975-2339, Fax: 301-548-0624

DOC Training Contacts

 Office of Human Resource Management

Office of General Counsel
14th & Constitution Ave., NW
Room H-5875
Washington, DC 20230
Coordinator: Paulette Clark
Phone: 202-482-8158, Fax: 202-501-4695
Email: pclark@ogc.doc.gov

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
1305 East West Highway
Building 4, Station 12500
Silver Spring, MD 20910
Coordinator: Ivy Washington
Phone: 301-713-0520 x200, Fax: 301-713-2083
Email: Ivy.M.Washington@noaa.gov

Patent and Trademark Office (PTO)
1745 Jefferson Davis Hwy.
Crystal Square #4, Suite 700
Arlington, VA 22202
Coordinator: David Lacey
Phone: 703-308-9664, Fax: 703-306-3200
Email: David.Lacey@uspto.gov

Bureau of the Census
Federal Office Building #3
Room 3260-3
Suitland, MD 20233
Coordinator: Sandra Duckett
Phone: 301-457-5855, Fax: 301-457-4794
Email: Sandra.T. Duckett@census.gov

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
Room 123 Admin. Bldg. 101
100 Bureau Drive, MS-3550
Gaithersburg, MD 20899
Coordinator: Ms. Pat O'Connor
Phone: 301-975-3017, Fax: 301-948-6107
Email: patricia.oconnor@nist.gov

Economic Development Administration (EDA)
14th & Constitution Ave., NW
Room H-7231
Washington, DC 20230
Coordinator: Brenda Davidson
Phone: 202-482-6325
Email: BDavidson@doc.gov

International Trade Administration (ITA)
14th & Constitution Ave., NW
Room H-7412
Washington, DC 20230
Coordinator: Carol Davison
Phone: 202-482-2537, Fax: 202-482-3946
Email: Carol_Davison@ita.doc.gov

Office of Inspector General (OIG)
14th & Constitution Ave., NW
Room H-7713
Washington, DC 20230
Coordinator: Rochelle Cobb
Phone: 202-482-4948, Fax: 202-482-3006
Email: RCobb@oig.doc.gov

Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA)
14th & Constitution Ave., NW
Room H-5089
Washington, DC 20230
Coordinator: Rodney Cole
Phone: 202-482-2617, Fax: 202-482-1467
Email: Rcole@mbda.gov

National Telecommunication & Information Administration (NTIA)
14th & Constitution Ave., NW
Room H-4888
Washington, DC 20230
Coordinator: Rosa Hall
Phone: 202-482-1815, Fax: 202-501-6295
Email: rhall@ntia.doc.gov

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