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Small Business Reporting Forms

The forms listed below are used to collect data regarding: small business concerns used in contracts that require subcontracting plans, data on the participation of small disadvantaged business concerns, set-aside justifications, and related information.

On contracts that require subcontracting plans, Federal Contracting Officers and Prime Contractors are required to complete and submit the SF294 and SF295. These forms should also be provided to the OSDBU.

Questions concerning the forms should be directed to your Contracting Officer or the OSDBU.

Form Title
Form Number
Subcontracting Report for Individual Contracts
Standard Form (SF294)*
Summary Subcontract Report
Standard Form (SF295)*

Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB) Participation Report

Optional Form (OF312)*

Small Business Set Aside Review

Commerce Form (CD570)**

Small Business Set Aside Review (Instructions)

Commerce Form (CD570)**

Quarterly Contract Bundling Report Form

see below for history**

Approval Levels for CD-570 Small Business Set-Aside Review


* To download the latest version of the forms, go to the U.S. General Services Administration website at the following link U.S. Government Forms (Standard and Optional) to select the particular form.
** Guidance On Contract Bundling & The Revised CD-570 Small Business Set-Aside Review. Please also review the Contract Bundling Action Plan

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