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Plant-Wide Hazards
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Traffic Flow/Control
Sawmill Without adequate signs and postings that warn workers of potential hazards, collisions and other vehicle accidents are likely to happen. OSHA requires that hazardous crossings be plainly posted and appropriate traffic control devices be used.
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Traffic Control and Flow Top

Workers may suffer from a collision with traffic vehicles or equipment if traffic control devices are not in place. Lumber packages or piles may become unstable and injure workers if overhead and side clearance is inadequate or not marked plainly.

Railroad tracks and other hazardous crossings must be plainly posted and appropriate traffic control devices need to be utilized. 1910.265(c)(31)(i) All areas of restricted side or overhead clearance must be plainly marked. 1910.265(c)(31)(ii) Pickup and unloading points and paths for lumber packages on conveyors and transfers and other areas where accurate spotting is required, must be plainly marked and wheel stops provided where necessary. 1910.265(c)(31)(iii) Aisles, passageways, and roadways must be wide enough to provide safe side clearance. One-way aisles may be used for two-way traffic if suitable turnouts are provided. 1910.265(c)(31)(iv)

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