Table 2: Level 1 Findings: Adherence

CERT Population Finding
Penn HIV Found a relationship between adherence and outcomes in HIV and subsequent need to intervene. (Follow-on work was looking at relationship between medication misperceptions and rates of adherence, and medical literacy)
Vanderbilt MI and HF patients 10-20% patients discharged from the hospital with myocardial infarction (MI) or heart failure (HF) and who should be getting follow up medication do not fill the prescription they are given in the hospital and therefore don't receive the benefits
Grantee HIV & HTN patients Exploration of non-adherence as a revealed preference to understand non-adherence among patients with HIV and hypertension (HTN). Goal was to further understand root causes of non-adherence through the study of preferences. Key finding: differences in ethnic group values.*

*Although the grant had ended, the grantee had not completed the analysis at the time of this discussion.

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