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U.S. government's premier desktop reference sources with statistical information on the United States, available on CD-ROM, in print, and online. These publications contain statistics from the Census Bureau and from many other sources, both government and private. The Statistical Abstract has been issued in print annually since 1878 and many of the earliest Abstracts have been scanned and released online. The printed publications in the bulleted list below are sold by the Government Printing Office (GPO), (202) 512-1800, and/or the National Technical Information Service (NTIS), (800) 553-NTIS:
    Census Atlas of the United States
    The Statistical Abstract of the United States
    County & City Data Book
    State & County Metropolitan Area Data Book
    Historical Statistics of the United States: Colonial Times to 1970

Census Atlas of the United States

Statistical Abstract of the United States: 2008 CD-ROM

USA Counties on CD-ROM: 1998

State & Metropolitan Area Data Book on CD-ROM: 1997-98

2000 County and City Data Book

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