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DOL’s Office of Compliance Assistance Policy (OCA) maintains a variety of educational Web pages and free e-tools. Now, you can stay up to date on these important Department offerings by subscribing to receive E-mail Updates.

By voluntarily subscribing to E-mail Updates, OCA will send you an e-mail when significant Compliance Assistance activities occur or when DOL adds new, valuable information to the Compliance Assistance Web pages. You can subscribe to all OCA mailings or narrow the mailings by selecting from individual Web pages. It’s DOL’s way of keeping you informed of new developments in Compliance Assistance programs and employment law resources.

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  • Subscribe to All Future Compliance Assistance Mailings - Subscribe Now
    Allows you to subscribe to OCA’s compliance assistance electronic mailing list. Receive periodic emails containing fact sheets on new DOL tools, educational materials, press releases, Web page updates, and other compliance assistance information.
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  • Subscribe to Selected Areas of the Compliance Assistance Web Site:

    • The Compliance Assistance Web Portal - Subscribe Now
      Notifies you of updates to the Compliance Assistance Web portal - DOL’s central gateway to free employment law compliance assistance resources.
    • The Compliance Assistance Partnership Program Page - Subscribe Now
      Notifies you of new developments in the PCAP program, including newly announced partners and the latest partnership opportunities.
    • The Employment Law Guide - Subscribe Now
      Notifies you of changes to this important publication, which describes DOL’s major statutes and regulations in plain English.
    • elaws - Employment Law Advisors - Subscribe Now
      Notifies you of new and updated elaws Advisors - interactive e-tools that provide information on DOL employment laws.

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