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Grants & Funding Opportunities

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Open Grants

The President's Faith-Based and Community Initiative is about leveling the playing field so that all grassroots organizations have equal opportunity to participate in existing federally funded programs as they serve their communities.

DOL usually publishes SGAs in the spring and occasionally in the fall and summer. DOL's grants generally focus on providing job-training and employment services and helping people enter employment, retain employment, and increase wages. All federal grant opportunities are announced in the Federal Register and Organizations that register at can apply online.

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You can also review Open Grants from Other Federal Agencies and Previous Grants.

Currently the U.S. Department of Labor has the following grant opportunities open:

Employment & Training Administration Grants

New� Prisoner Reentry Initiative Grants Announced: Limited Competition in 19 Cities

Background: The President's Prisoner Re-entry Initiative (PRI) seeks to strengthen urban communities characterized by large numbers of returning prisoners through an employment-centered program that incorporates mentoring, job training, and other comprehensive transitional services. This program is a joint effort of the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Department of Labor (DOL) designed to reduce recidivism by helping inmates find work when they return to their communities.

DOJ recently awarded PRI grants to 19 State correctional agencies to provide pre-release services to prisoners returning to one targeted county within the state.

Eligibility: Under this new solicitation, DOL will be awarding grants to faith-based and community organizations (FBCOs) to provide post-release services to ex-prisoners in urban communities within the target counties. This competition is limited to FBCOs operating within the target county(ies) identified in each DOJ grant. They include:

  1. Jefferson County, AL����������������������
  2. Maricopa County, AZ
  3. Los Angeles County, CA � �����������
  4. Denver County, CO
  5. Fairfield County, CT������� �������
  6. New Castle County, DE
  7. Cook County, IL��������������������� ���
  8. Allen County, IN
  9. Caddo and Bossier Parishes, LA����
  10. Baltimore County, MD
  11. Genesee County, MI�������������� �
  12. Greene County, MO
  13. Clarke County, NV��������������������
  14. Mercer County, NJ
  15. Erie County, NY���������������������
  16. Tulsa County, OK
  17. Philadelphia County, PA���������� �
  18. Davidson County, TN
  19. Milwaukee County, WI

Solicitation is available at:

Due By: Applications are due by November 4, 2008

Contact: Jeannette Flowers, Grants Management Specialist, Division of Federal Assistance at (202) 693-3322 or


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