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Publications :: Audit, Inspection, and Evaluation Reports

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Publications: Audit, Inspection, and Evaluation Reports

  • Issues Related to the Bureau of Industry and Security's Budget and Responsibilities for International Treaty Implementation and Compliance — IPE-19463 [PDF] Briefing Report 
  • NOAA's Management of the Joint Enforcement Agreement Program Needs to Be Strengthened — IPE-19050-1 [PDF] Report
  • The Department's Privacy Impact Assessment Process Is Generally Implemented Well, But Some Improvements Are Needed — OSE-19047 [PDF] Report
  • FY 2008 FISMA Assessment of BEA Estimation Information Technology System — (BEA-015) — OSE-19001 [PDF] Report
  • FY 2008 FISMA Assessment of National Weather Service Telecommunication Gateway— ( NOAA8871) — OSE-19000 [PDF] [PDF] Report
  • 2010 Decennial Census: Census Should Further Refine Its Cost Estimate for Fingerprinting Temporary Staff — OIG-19058-1 [PDF] Briefing Report  Bureau Response  
  • The Overseas Intellectual Property Rights Attache Program Is Generally Working Well, but a Comprehensive Operating Plan Is Needed — IPE-19044 [PDF] Report
  • The Office of Acquisition Management Has Not Implemented New Contracting Policies in a Timely Manner — IPE-19045-1 [PDF] Report
  • 2010 Decennial Census: OIG Reviews Through the Decade Identify Significant Problems in Key Operations — OIG-19217 [PDF] Briefing Report 
  • Review of Fiscal Year 2006 Earmarks – Audit: DEN-19021 [PDF]
    Abstract   Report
  • The National Data Buoy Center Should Improve Data Availability and Contracting Practices -- Inspection: IPE-18585 [PDF]
    Abstract   Report
  • USPTO Has Reasonable Controls Over Personal Property, but Additional Improvements Are Needed -- Audit: CAR-18701 [PDF]
    Abstract   Report
  • Real Property Portfolio: Opportunities to Strengthen Management Accountability -- Audit: BSD-18256 [PDF] Report
  • National Marine Sanctuary Program Protects Certain Resources, But Further Actions Could Increase Protection -- Inspection: IPE-18591 [PDF]
    Abstract   Report
  • Census Has Improved Accountability for Laptops and Other Personal Property, But Additional Improvements Are Needed -- Audit: Census-18387-1 [PDF] Report
  • Logistics Group Operations Are Mostly Sound but Management Attention Is Needed in Some Areas -- Inspection: IPE-18321 [PDF] Report
  • Successful Oversight of GOES-R Requires Adherence to Accepted Satellite Acquisition Practices -- Evaluation: OSE-18291 [PDF]
    Abstract   Report
  • Follow-up Review of the Workers' Compensation Program at the Census Bureau Reveals Limited Efforts to Address Previous OIG Recommendations--Evaluation: IPE-18592 [PDF]
    Abstract   Report
  • FY 2007 FISMA Assessment of Project Performance Corporation General Support System (PTOC-011-00)—Evaluation: OSE-18841-2
  • FY 2007 FISMA Assessment of the Patent Search System -- Primary Search and Retrieval (PTOP-008-00) -- Evaluation: OSE-18841-1
  • FY 2007 FISMA Assessment of Network Operations Center -- Evaluation: OSE-18688
  • Lax IT Security Leaves Sensitive Census Information at Risk of Compromise -- Evaluation: IG-18387-2
  • FY 2007 FISMA Assessment of AESDirect Major Application (CEN 12) -- Evaluation: OSE-18690-2
  • Federal Audit Clearinghouse Reimbursable Agreements -- Audit: ATL-18113
  • FY 2007 FISMA Core Network General Support System (ITA-012) -- Inspection: OSE-18840 [PDF] Report
  • 2010 Census: Key Challenges to Enumerating American Indian Reservations Unresolved by 2006 Census Test—Evaluation: OSE-18027 [PDF]
    Abstract   Report
  • Greater Interagency Involvement and More Effective Strategic Planning Would Enhance the National Export Strategy—Inspection: IPE-18589 [PDF]
    Abstract   Report
  • U.S. Dual-Use Export Controls for India Should Continue to Be Closely Monitored — Evaluation: IPE-18144 [PDF]
    Abstract   Report
  • CS Brazil Is Operating Well Overall but Needs Management Attention in Some Areas — Inspection: IPE-18114[PDF] Report
  • Commerce Can Further Assist U.S. Exporters by Enhancing Its Trade Coordination Efforts — Inspection: IPE-18322 [PDF] Report
  • Annual Follow-Up Report on Previous Export Control Recommendations, as Mandated by the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2000—Inspection: IPE-18546
  • Internal Controls Over Premium-Class Travel Need to Be Strengthened — Audit: BSD-18154 [PDF] Report
  • Rogers, Minnesota: Complex Weather Conditions, Radar Limitations Delayed NWS Warning of Deadly Tornado — Audit: DEN-18354 [PDF]
    Abstract   Report
  • Aggressive EDA Leadership and Oversight Needed to Correct Persistent Problems in RLF Program — Audit: OA-18200 [PDF]
    Abstract   Report
  • Opportunities to Further Enhance Controls Over User Fees - Audit: NOAA-BSD-17612-6-0001 [PDF]
    Abstract   Report
  • Progress Being Made in Certification and Accreditation Process, but Authorizing Officials Still Lack Adequate Decision-making Information – Evaluation: OSE-10819 [PDF] Report
  • Additional Steps Are Necessary to Provide Better Oversight of Contractor Information – Evaluation: OSE-18028not online
  • SARSAT’s E-Authentication Controls Do Not Provide Adequate Assurance of Users’ Identities – Evaluation: OSE-18020not online
  • Commerce Should Ensure that Travelers to China Receive Counterintelligence Briefings – Evaluation: IPE-17954not online
  • Annual Follow-Up on Previous Export Control Recommendations, as Mandated by the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2000 – Evaluation: IPE-17935
  • Commercial Service Operations in Argentina and Uruguay Are Mostly Sound but Financial Processes Need Attention - Inspection: ITA-IPE-18111 [PDF]
    Abstract   Report
  • Enumerating Group Quarters Continues to Pose Challenges - Inspection: CENSUS-IPE-18046 [PDF]
    Abstract   Report
  • Survey of Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita Contracts and Grants - Audit: OS-DEN-17829-6-001
    Abstract   Report
  • U.S. Dual-Use Export Controls for China Need to Be Strengthened - Evaluation: BIS-IPE-17500
    Abstract   Report
  • Poor Management Oversight and Ineffective Incentives Leave NPOESS Program Well Over Budget and Behind Schedule - Performance Audit : NOAA-OIG-17794 Report
  • Valuable Learning Opportunities Were Missed in the 2006 Test of Address Canvassing - Evaluation: Census-OIG-17524
    Abstract   Report
  • CS China Generally Performs Well But Opportunities Exist for Commerce to Better Coordinate Its Multiple China Operations - Inspection: ITA-IPE-17546
    Abstract   Report
  • Management of Commerce’s Federal Workers’ Compensation Program Needs Significant Improvements - Evaluation : OS-IPE-17536
    Abstract   Report
  • Department of Commerce Has Made Significant Progress, but Additional Opportunities Exist to Improve Reporting and Utility of Performance Results - Audit - Evaluation : OS-FSD-17444
    Abstract   Report
  • The EDC Fund, Inc. Revolving Loan Fund EDA Grant NO. 01-39-01829: Financial Assistance: EDA-ATL-17285-0001 [PDF] Report
  • Follow -up Audit to Inspection Report OSE-15676 "Acquisition of NEXRAD Transition Power Source Marred by Management, Technical, and Contractual Problems" - Performance Audit: BSD-17613-5-0001 [PDF] Report
  • Value of MBDA Performance Measures is Undermined by Inappropriate Combining of Program Results and Unreliable Performance Data From MBOC Program - Performance Audit: FSD-17252-5-0001 [PDF]
    Abstract   Report
  • Better Management of the Overseas Security Program and Security Funds Is Needed - Inspection: ITA:IPE-17446 not online
  • NIST's Procurement Practices Have Improved But Additional Challenges Remain - Performance Audit: NIST-BSD-16656 [PDF] Report
  • Information Security in Contracts Needs Better Enforcement and Oversight - Evaluation: USPTO-OSE-17455 [PDF] Report
  • The Northeast River Forecast Center Is Well Managed, But Some Improvements Are Needed - Inspection: NOAA-IPE-17259 [PDF]
    Abstract   Report
  • Commerce's Emergency Preparedness Efforts Are Improving, but Additional Management Guidance and Oversight Are Needed - Inspection: OS-IPE-17198 not online
  • FDCA Program for 2010 Census Is Progressing, but Key Management and Acquisition Activities Need to be Completed - Inspection: CENSUS-OSE-17368 [PDF]
    Abstract   Report
  • Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission Olympia, Washington NOAA Grant No. NAFP0195 Audit of the Subgrant with the Nisqually Indian Tribe Olympia, Washington- Performance Audit: NOAA-STL-16657-5-0005
  • The NMFS Review Process for the California Central Valley and State Water Projects' Biological Opinion Deviated from the Region's Normal Practice: NOAA-STL-17242 [PDF]
    Abstract   Report
  • Opportunities to Strengthen Internal Controls Over Improper Payments - Performance Audit: NOAA-BSD-16186-5-0001 [PDF] Report
  • Import Administration Has Met Most Statutory Deadlines on Antidumping Reviews, But Management Attention Is Needed In Other Areas - Survey: ITA-IPE-16952 [PDF]
    Abstract   Report
  • Some Improvements are Needed in the Handling of Reimbursable Agreements and the Sale of Products and Services - Performance Audit: BEA/EDA-FSD-16824-5-0001 [PDF]
    Abstract   Report
  • Annual Follow-up Report on Previous Export Controls Recommendation, as Manadated by the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2000, as Amended - Inspection: BIS-IPE-17361-03-05
  • The Export Licensing Process for Chemical and Biological Commodities is Generally Working Well, But Some Issues Need Resolution - Inspection: BIS-IPE-16946-03-05 [PDF]
    Abstract   Report
  • Management Controls Over Reimbursable Agreements at the U.S. Census Bureau Need Improvement - Performance Audit: CENSUS-FSD-16824-5 [PDF]
    Abstract   Report
  • Satellite Memorandums of Agreement Should Be Improved By Using New Guidance - Performance Audit: NOAA-BSD-16927 [PDF] Report
  • Inadequate Support Undercuts Value of Booz Allen Study and Its Recommended Changes to NOAA's Finance and Administration Services - Performance Audit: NOAA-DEN-16948 [PDF] Report
  • FY 2004 Independent Evaluation of the Department of Commerce's Information Security Program Under the Federal Information Security Management Act for FY 2004 - Evaluation: OS-OSE-16954 [PDF] Report
  • USPTO's Move to Alexandria, Virginia, is Ahead of Schedule, But Some Key Issues Need to Be Resolved - Inspection: USPTO-IPE-16268 [PDF] Report
  • USPTO Should Reassess How Examiner Goals, Performance Appraisal Plans, and the Award System Stimulate and Reward Examiner Production - Inspection: USPTO-IPE-15722 [PDF] Report
  • Commercial Service India: Challenges Remain for Management of Large and Economically Diverse Post - Inspection: ITA-IPE-16808 [PDF] Report
  • Pacific Northwest USEAC Network Generally Operates Well, but Export Success Reports Need More Management Scrutiny - Inspection: ITA-IPE-16507 [PDF] Report
  • Management Attention Is Needed to Assure Adequate Computer Incident Response Capability - Inspection: OS-OSE-16522 [PDF] Report
  • NIST's Management of Interagency Agreements - Performance Audit: NIST-STD-144394-4-0001 [PDF] Report
  • Information Security in Information Technology Service Contracts Is Improving, but Additional Efforts Are Needed - Inspection: OS-OSE-16513 [PDF] Report
  • USEACs Are Meeting Client Needs, but Better Management Oversight Is Needed - Inspection: ITA-IPE-16728 [PDF] Report
  • Improving Our Measure of America: What the 2004 Census Test Can Teach Us in Planning for the 2010 Decennial Census - Inspection: OIG-16949-1 [PDF] Report
  • Improvements Needed in Reporting for NOAA GOALS - Build Sustainable Fisheries, Recover Protected Species, and Predict and Assess Decadal to Centennial Climate Change-Performance Audit: NOAA-FSD-15989-04 Report
  • USPTO Needs Strong Office of Human Resources Management Capable of Addressing Current and Future Challenges - Performance Audit: USPTO-16432-4 [PDF] Report
  • Weaknesses in Census Bureau's Certification and Accreditation Process Leave Security of Critical Information Systems in Question - Inspection: Census-ESA-OSE-16519-1 [PDF] Report
  • The Commercial Service Needs to Improve Management of its Operations in Turkey - Inspection: ITA-IPE-15370 [PDF] Report
  • Improvements Needed in the Reporting of Performance Measures by the U.S. Census Bureau - Performance Audit: ESA-FSD-15990 [PDF] Report
  • Philadelphia USEAC Network Provides Good Service to Clients, but Oversight and Export Success Reporting Need to be Improved - Inspection: ITA-IPE-16402 [PDF] Report
  • Chicago USEAC Network is Generally Operating Well But Needs to Improve Its Export Success Reporting - Inspection: ITA-IPE-16136 [PDF] Report
  • Results Assessment of Federal Audit Clearinghouse Database Utilizing Agreed-Upon Procedures - Performance Audit: ESA-ATL-16202-4 [PDF] Report
  • NOAA/NMFS Northwest Fisheries Science Center, Seattle Washington NOAA Needs to Use Appropriate Funding Instruments to Acquire Support Services for the Northwest Fisheries Science Center - Performance Audit: NOAA-STL-15753-4 [PDF] Report
  • Complaints Surrounding the Recent Selection of the Assistant Administrator for Weather Services - Inspection: NOAA-IPE-16823 [PDF] Report
  • Deemed Export Controls May Not Stop the Transfer of Sensitive Technology to Foreign Nationals in the U.S. - Inspection: BIS-IPE-16176 [PDF] Report
  • NMFS Observer Programs Should Improve Data Quality, Performance Monitoring, and Outreach Efforts - Inspection: NOAA-IPE-15721 [PDF] Report
  • NOAA Corps Has Improperly Handled Confirmation of Officer Appointments and Promotions - Inspection: NOAA-IPE-16138 [PDF] Report
  • NIST's Patent License Agreement Process Needs Improvement - Performance Audit: NIST-STD-16009 [PDF] Report
  • Purchase Card Program at the Environmental Technology Laboratory Needs Heightened and Strengthened Internal Controls - Performance Audit: NOAA-BTD-15139-3 [PDF] Report
  • Census Bureau's National Processing Center Needs to Improve Controls Over Government Bills of Lading - Performance Audit: ESA-ESD-14911 [PDF] Report
  • Award for Five-Axis Machining Center Under RFQ SB1341-02-Q-550 Justified but Procurement Process Needs Improvement - Performance Audit: NIST-STD-15839 [PDF] Report
  • OIG Review of Complaints and Concerns Related to USPTO's Handling of Patent Applications - Inspection: USPTO-IPE-16083 [PDF] Report
  • Generally Sound Operations at Commercial Service Greece Are Compromised by Key Weaknesses-Inspection: ITA-IPE-15804-09-03 [PDF] Report
  • KLA-Tencor Corporation, CA - Financial-Related Audits: NIST-DEN-14219-3-0003 not online
  • KLA-Tencor Corporation, CA - Financial-Related Audits: NIST-DEN-14219-3-0002 not online
  • Improvements Needed in the Reporting of Performance Measures Related to Goals for Advancing Short-Term Warning and Implementing Seasonal to Interannual Climate Forecasts - Performance Audits: NOAA-FSD-15643-3 [PDF] Report
  • Texas Engineering Extension Service - Financial-Related Audits: NIST-DEN-14401-3 not online
  • Additional Management Attention Needed to Ensure Implementation of Effective Security Controls to Protect NESDIS' Research Data System - Evaluation: NOAA-OSE-15996-2
  • Stronger Security Controls Needed to Protect NESDIS' Headquarters Local Area Network - Evaluation: NOAA-OSE-15996-1not online
  • Acquisition of NEXRAD Transition Power Source Marred by Management, Technical, and Contractual Problems - Evaluation: NOAA-OSE-15676 [PDF] Report
  • MAF/TIGER Redesign Project Needs Management Improvements to Meet Its Decennial Goals and Cost Objective - Evaluation: ESA-OSE-15725 [PDF] Report
  • Southside Planning District Commission, VA - Financial-Related Audits: EDA-ATL-15985-3not online
  • Environmental Technology Laboratory Needs to Improve Internal Controls for Accounting and Funds Management - Performance Audit: NOAA-BTD-14852-3 [PDF] Report
  • Seattle Regional Office of Audits - Internal Quality Controls: OIG Division - DEN-15928-4not online
  • Atlanta Regional Office of Audits - Internal Quality Controls: OIG Division - DEN-15928-3not online
  • W. Brandt Goldsworthy & Associates, Inc., CA - Financial Related Audits: NIST-ATL-15922-3not online
  • Independent Evaluation of the Department of Commerce's Information Security Program Under the Federal Information Security Management Act - Evaluation: OS-OSE-16146 [PDF] Report
  • Massachusetts MEP - Financial-Related Audits: NIST-DEN-14422-3not online
  • Business and Trade Audits Division, Science and Technology Audits Division, and Economics and Statistics Audit Division - Internal Quality Reviews: OIG Division-DEN-15928-1
  • Financial Statements Audit Division - Internal Quality Controls: OIG Division - DEN-15928-2not online
  • Denver Regional Office of Audits - Internal Quality Controls: OIG Division-HQA-15928-5not online
  • Computer Aided Surgery, Inc., NY - Financial-Related Audits: NIST-ATL-16095-3not online
  • High Plains Development Authority, Inc., MT - Financial-Related Audits: EDA-DEN-15180-3 not online
  • Administrative Matters Concerning BIS' Export Enforcement - Inspection: BIS-IPE-15155-2 Report
  • Office of the Secretary's Oversight of Its Purchase Card Program Needs Heightened Monitoring and Enforcement - Performance Audit: OS-BTD-14971 [PDF] Report
  • BXA Needs to Strengthen Its ECASS Modernization Efforts To Ensure Long-Term Success of the Project - Inspection: IPE-14270 [PDF] Report
  • New Business Model - Audit: NTIS-FSD-15100 [PDF] Report
  • NWS Weather Forecast Offices Generally Perform Well, but Regional Oversight and Management at Some Offices Need to be Improved - Inspection: NOAA-IPE-14577 [PDF] Report
  • Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission, OR - Financial-Related Audits: NOAA-STL-14956-2-0001not online
  • City of Los Angeles, CA-Audit of the MBDA Award for the LAMBOC - Financial Related Audits: MBDA-STL-14900-2-0002not online
  • Additional Improvements Needed To Strengthen NIST's Information Security Program - Evaluation: NIST-OSE-15078 [PDF] Report
  • Annual Follow-Up Report on Previous Export Control Recommendations, as Mandated by the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2000 - Inspection: BIS-IPE-15290 [PDF] Report
  • Stronger Management Controls Will Improve Planning and Control of CAMS - Evaluation: OS-OSE-14129 [PDF] Report
  • The Office of Administration Services Needs Stronger Internal Controls and Management Oversight - Inspection: OS-IPE-15131 [PDF] Report
  • Stronger Management Controls Needed for the Patent Application Capture and Review Automated Information System - Evaluation: USPTO-OSE-14926 [PDF] Report
  • US&FCS Italy's Effectiveness Can Be Further Enhanced by Focusing on Management and Program Improvements - Inspection: ITA-IPE-14234 [PDF] Report
  • Trade Compliance Efforts Need Improved Coordination - Inspection: ITA-IPE-14282 [PDF] Report
  • Reporting of Performance Measures Needs Improvement - Financial Statement: NIST-FSD-14430 [PDF] Report
  • Selected Aspects of Census 2000 Accuracy and Coverage Evaluation Need Improvements Before 2010 - Evaluation: ESA-IG-14226 [PDF] Report
  • Improving Our Measure of America: What Census 2000 Can Teach Us in Planning for 2010 - Performance Audit: ESA-OIG-14431 [PDF] Report
  • Program for Designating Positions According to Their Risk and Sensitivity Needs to Be Updated and Strengthened - Evaluation: OS-OSE-14486 [PDF] Report
  • San Angelo Weather Forecast Office Performs Its Core Responsibilities Well, but Office Management and Regional Oversight Need Improvement - Inspection: NOAA-IPE-13531 [PDF] Report
  • Missoula Weather Forecast Office Generally Provides Quality Service to Its County Warning Area - Inspection: NOAA-IPE-14225: [PDF] Report
  • Additional Security Measures Needed for Advance Retail Sales Economic Indicator - Evaluation: ESA-OSE-12754 [PDF] Report
  • Improvements Made in CAMS Contract Management but Additional Actions Needed - Evaluation: OS-OSE-14086not online
  • Table Mountain Research Site Needs Attention - Performance Audit: NTIA - DEN-11928 not online
  • Wisconsin Center for Manufacturing and Productivity, Inc. - Financial-Related Audits: EDA-DEN-14103not online
  • Northeastern Pennsylvania Industrial Resource Center, Inc. - Financial-Related Audits: EDA-DEN-14046 [PDF] Report
  • Connecticut Technology Associates, Inc. - Financial-Related Audits: EDA-DEN-13992not online
  • Sun Company, Inc., PA - Financial-Related Audits: EDA-DEN-14032not online
  • Miami Area Economic Development Service, Inc., OK - Financial-Related Audits: EDA-ATL-14299 [PDF] Report
  • Panhandle Area Council, ID - Fiancial-Related Audits: EDA-STL-14141 [PDF] Report
  • Monterey County's Contractor Revolving Loan Program, CA - Fiancial-Related Audit: EDA-STL-13442 [PDF] Report
  • Tyler Economic Development Council Tyler, Texas Revolving Loan Fund EDA Grant Nos. 08-39-02823 & 08-39-02823.01 [PDF] Report
  • Lower Chattahoochee Regional Development Center Has Mismanaged Its Revolving Loan Fund - Financial-Related Audits: ATL-12618-1-0001 [PDF] Report
  • Although Progress Has Been Made, More Needs to Be Done to Deliver On-line Export Information and Services - Inspection: ITA-IPE-13213 [PDF] Report
  • Internal Controls Over NIST's Bankcard Program Need Improvement - Performance Audit: NIST-DEN-11787 [PDF] Report
  • Actions to Address the Impact on the Accuracy and Coverage Evaluation of Suspected Duplicate Persons in the 2000 Decennial Census - Evaluation: ESA-OSE-13812 [PDF] Report
  • CRADA with the Coblentz Society Should Receive Greater Scrutiny - Inspection: NIST-IPE-13200 [PDF] Report
  • Review of Special Population Enumerations and Questionnaire Assistance Centers — Audit: OA-ESD-12593-0-0001 [PDF] Report
  • ATP’s Management of Intramural Research Can Be Strengthened — Audit: NIST-STD-1151 [PDF] Report
  • Re-enumeration at Three Local Census Offices in Florida: Hialeah, Broward South, and Homestead-Performance Audit: Census-ESA-13215 [PDF] Report
  • Improved Internal Controls Needed for Office of Human Resources - Performance Audit: USPTO-BTD-12830 [PDF] Report
  • Measurement and Engineering Research and Standards Program Should Expand Use of Competitive Award Procedures - Performance Audit: NIST-DEN-10958 [PDF] Report
  • Raleigh Weather Forecast Office Provides Valuable Services, but Needs Improved Management and Internal Controls - Inspection: NOAA-IPE-12661 [PDF] Report
  • Reporting of Performance Measures Needs Improvement - Financial Statement: NTIA-FSD-12856 [PDF] Report
  • Improvements Are Needed in Commerce Agencies' Implementation and Oversight of Interagency and Other Agreements - Inspection: OS-IPE-9460 [PDF] Report
  • Local Census Offices Were Successfully Opened, but Some Lessons Can Be Learned from Decennial Leasing Operations - Inspection: ESA-IPE-11573 [PDF] Report
  • Improvements Needed in Controls Over Approvals for and Testing of CAMS Software - Financial Statement: OS-FSD-12940 [PDF] Report
  • Most Departmental Discretionary Funding Programs Are Competitive and Merit-Based, but Opportunities Exist to Further Improve the Awards Processes - Performance Audit: OS-ATL-10835 [PDF] Report
  • A Better Strategy Is Needed for Managing the Nation's Master Address File - Evaluation: ESA-OSE-12065 [PDF] Report
  • Unjustified Decennial Census Unemployment Compensation Claims Should Be Reduced Because Terminations for Cause Were Mostly Well Documented - Inspection: ESA-IPE-13212 [PDF] Report
  • Review of the Special Census of the Village of Machesney Park, Illinois - Inspection: ESA-IPE-12045 [PDF] Report
  • Telephone Questionnaire Assistance Contract Needs Administration and Surveillance Plan - Evaluation: ESA-OSE-12376 [PDF] Report
  • Decennial Census Warehousing Operations Needed Attention - Performance Audit: ESA-DEN-11950 [PDF] Report
  • Agreed-Upon Procedures and Results Assessment of Federal Audit Clearinghouse Database Fiscal Year 1998 Audit Reports - Performance Audit: ESA-ATL-12556 [PDF] Report
  • US & FCS Vietnam Is Fully Operational but Some Areas Need Improvement - Inspection: ITA-IPE-11798 [PDF] Report
  • External Reviewers Help With ATP Focused Program Selection Process, But Key Steps In The Selection Process Were Not Documented - Performance Audit: NIST-STD-11113 [PDF] Report
  • NIST Needs to Reevaluate Plans to Support Its Ballistics Testing Program - Inspection: NIST-IPE-11923 [PDF] Report
  • Internal Controls Over Southeastern Fisheries Science Center Bankcard Purchases Need Improvement - Performance Audit: NOAA-ATL-11860 [PDF] Report
  • NOS's Coastal Services Center Awards Were Not Competitively Selected CFDA No. 11.473 - Financial- Related Audit: NOAA-ATL-11000 [PDF] Report
  • PAMS/ADAMS Should Provide Adequate Support for the Decennial Census, but Software Practices Need Improvement - Performance Audit: ESA-ESD-11684 [PDF] Report
  • Accountable Property Used for the Decennial Census Needs Improved Controls; Bankcard Program Is Well Managed - Performance Audit: ESA-ESD-11781 [PDF] Report
  • Year 2000 Preparations Were Effective, but Business Continuity and Contingency Planning Needed Improvement - Inspection: Census-OSE-12200not online
  • Internal Controls Over Bankcard Use Are Sound — Audit: NTIA-BTD-11549 [PDF] Report
  • Market Development Cooperator Program Award Process Promotes Merit-Based Decisions, but Practices Need More Discipline - Performance Audit: ITA-ATL-10999 [PDF] Report
  • ITA Y2K Risk of Interrupted Operations Is Low, but Some Improvements Needed in Day One Planning - Evaluation: ITA-OSE-12550 [PDF] Report
  • Year 2000 Business Continuity and Contingency Plan Is Comprehensive, but Additional Risk Mitigation Is Needed - Evaluation: USPTO-OSE-11693: [PDF] Report
  • Atlanta Region Experienced Late Pay Problems for Census 2000 Employees - Performance Audit: ESA-ATL-11640 [PDF] Report
  • Internal Controls Over Bankcard Use Are Sound - Performance Audit: MBDA-BTD-12022-0-0001-12-99 [PDF] Report
  • Internal Controls over ERL's Bankcard Program Need Improvement - Performance Audit: NOAA-DEN-11627 [PDF] Report
  • EDA Research and Evaluation Program Funding Decisions Should Be Documented/CFDA No. 11.312: Performance Audit: EDA-BTD-11548-9-0001 [PDF] Report
  • Current DOC Postsecondary Internship Program Award Process Promotes Merit-Based Decisions/CFDA No. 11.702: Performance Audit: OS-BTD-11822-9-0001 [PDF] Report
  • Special American Business Internship Training Program Award Process Corrected to Ensure Independent Review Panels/CFDA No. 11.114: Performance Audit: ITA-ATL-10998-9-001 [PDF] Report
  • US and Foreign Commercial Service Is Addressing Foreign Service Personnel Management Issues - Performance Audit: ITA-BTD-10829 [PDF] Report
  • US & FCS Brazil: Improvements Needed in Program Management and Internal Controls - Inspection: ITA-IPE-10916 [PDF] Report
  • US & FCS China Is Meeting the Demands of Its Clients, but Internal Operations Need Attention - Inspection: ITA-IPE-10915 [PDF] Report
  • NESDIS Y2K Risks Are Low, But Improvements Are Needed - Evaluation: NOAA-OSE-12199 [PDF] Report
  • US & FCS South Africa Is Building an Effective Program, but Administrative Operations Need Improvement - Inspection: ITA-IPE-11433 [PDF] Report
  • State Technology Extension Program Award Process Designed to Promote Merit-Based Decisions, but Process Needs More Discipline - Performance Audit: NIST-DEN-10961 [PDF] Report
  • PTO Has Improved Its Management of Interagency Agreements - Inspection: USPTO-IPE-10728 [PDF] Report
  • Year 2000 Renovations and Test Program Are Effective, but Agency Should Freeze Changes and Verify Inventory - Evaluation: USPTO-OSE-11693-01 [PDF] Report
  • Office of Patent Publications: High Inventory, Late Patent Deliveries, and Patent Printing Issues Must Be Addressed - Performance Audit: USPTO-BTD-10996 [PDF] Report
  • Internal Controls Over MASC's Bankcard Program Need Improvement - Performance Audit: NOAA-DEN-11927 [PDF] Report
  • Internal Controls Over Bankcard Use Are Sound - Performance Audit: NTIA-BTD-11549 [PDF] Report
  • Improvements Are Needed to Meet the Export Licensing Requirements of the 21st Century - Inspection: BIS-IPE-11488 [PDF] Report
  • NWS's Meteorologic and Hydrologic Modernization Development Program Awards Were Not Competitively Selected/CFDA No. 11.467: Performance Audit: NOAA-ATL-11405-9-0001 [PDF] Report
  • Supercomputer Acquisition Had Inadequate Assurance of Funding and Unclear Provisions for Advanced Payments - NOAA: OSE-10969not online
  • Proposed NPOESS Preparatory Project Reduces Operational Risk, But Excludes Demonstration of Critical Ozone Suite - NOAA: OSE-11103not online
  • Audit Survey of the Department of Commerce Natural Disaster Reduction Initiative - Performance Audit: OS-STD-11600 [PDF] Report
  • NMFS's Fisherman's Contingency Fund Should Be Reexamined - Performance Audit: NOAA-STD-11484 [PDF] Report
  • Management Over Interagency and Other Special Agreements Requires Further Improvements - Evaluation: NTIS-IPE-11021 [PDF] Report
  • Advanced Technology Program Award Process Promotes Merit-Based Decisions CFDA No. 11.612 - Performance Audit: NIST-DEN-10960-9-0001 [PDF] Report
  • Manufacturing Extension Partnership Program Awards Process Promotes Merit-Based Decisions CFDA No. 11.611- Performance Audit: NIST-DEN-10959-9-0001 [PDF] Report
  • The American Institute in Taiwan Commercial Section Needs to Place Greater Emphasis on Trade Promotion and Improve Controls - Performance Audit: ITA-BTD-10220 [PDF] Report
  • US & FCS Portugal Is Effectively Providing Services, but Should Strengthen Program Management - Performance Audit: ITA-BTD-10594: [PDF] Report
  • US & FCS American Business Center Program Funding Decisions Were Merit Based - Performance Audit: ITA-BTD-10957 [PDF] Report
  • Management Improvements Needed to Better Prepare for the Export Challenges of the 21st Century - Inspection: ITA-IPE-9904 [PDF] Report
  • Department Is Working to Improve Accuracy of Reporting Y2K Compliance Status - Evaluation: OS-OSE-10924 [PDF] Report
  • Minor Internal Control Deficiencies Found in Bankcard Program - Performance Audit: USPTO-BTD-10901 [PDF] Report
  • NMFS's Unallied Science Program Awards Were Not Competitively Selected - Performance Audit: NOAA-STL-10947 [PDF] Report
  • NMFS's Unallied Management Projects Program Awards Were Not Competitively Selected - Performance Audit: NOAA-STL-10952 [PDF] Report
  • NMFS's Habitat Conservation Program Awards Were Not Competitively Selected - Performance Audit: NOAA-STL-10953 [PDF] Report
  • NMFS's Cooperative Science and Education Program Awards Were Not Competitively Selected - Performance Audit: NOAA-STL-10951 [PDF] Report
  • NESDIS's Research in Remote Sensing of the Earth and Environment Program Awards Were Not Competitively Selected - Performance Audit: NOAA-ATL-10944 [PDF] Report
  • Public Telecommunications Facilities Program Award Process Promotes Merit-Based Decisions, but Process Needs More Discipline - Performance Audit: NTIA-ATL-10945 [PDF] Report
  • Telecommunications and Information Infrastructure Assistance Program Award Process Promotes Merit-Based Decisions, but Process Needs More Discipline - Performance Audit: NTIA-ATL-10946 [PDF] Report
  • US and FCS European Union Mission Should Develop a Europe-wide Commercial Strategy - Performance Audit: ITA-BTD-10588 [PDF] Report
  • NIST Properly Tracked FY 1998 Superfund Charges to the Environment Protection Agency - Performance Audit: NIST-BTD-11485 [PDF] Report
  • AquaFuture, Incorporated NOAA AWARD No. NA56FK00112 [PDF] Report
  • US & FCS Belgium Needs to Make Organizational Modifications to Maximize Export Promotion Efforts - Performance Audit: ITA-BTD-10595 [PDF] Report
  • US & FCS Japan Should Be Restructured to Better Meet the Needs of U.S. Exporters - Performance Audit: ITA-IAD-10218 [PDF] Report
  • Improvements Are Needed in ITA's Management of Interagency and Other Special Agreements - Inspection: ITA-IPE-10752 [PDF] Report
  • Dallas USEAC Is Rebuilding to More Aggressively Pursue Export Promotion Activities - Inspection: ITA-IPE-11006 [PDF] Report
  • Seattle USEAC Is Providing Its Clients Excellent Service, but Some Improvements Are Needed - Inspection: ITA-IPE-11007 [PDF] Report
  • Operations Jeopardized by Revenue Shortfall - Performance Audit: NTIS-STD-10592 [PDF] Report
  • Interagency and Other Special Agreements Require Better Management and Oversight - Inspection: OS-IPE-10418 [PDF] Report
  • OMB Bulletin 97-01 Implementation Requires Additional Efforts by the Department - Performance Audit: OS-FPD-10876 [PDF] Report
  • Dress Rehearsal Activities at Menominee Indian Reservation and Chicago Regional Census Center Show That Improvements Are Needed for Census 2000 - Inspection: ESA-IPE-10753 [PDF] Report
  • Additional Steps Needed to Improve Local Update of Census Addresses for the 2000 Decennial Census - Inspection: ESA-IPE-10756 [PDF] Report
  • Sacramento Dress Rehearsal Experience Suggests Changes to Improve Results of the 2000 Decennial Census - Performance Audit: ESA-ESD-10784-1 [PDF] Report
  • Board of Patent Appeals and Interferences: High Inventory and Inadequate Monitoring Threaten Effectiveness of Appeal Process - Performance Audit: USPTO-BTD-10628 [PDF] Report
  • Quality Check Survey Should Be Kept Independent of Other Decennial Operations - Performance Audit: ESA-ESD-10784-2 [PDF] Report
  • Columbia Dress Rehearsal Identifies Needed Improvements in Personnel Administration - Performance Audit: ESA-ATL-11050 [PDF] Report
  • Columbia Dress Rehearsal Experience Suggests Changes to Improve Results of the 2000 Decennial Census - Performance Audit: ESA-ESD-10783 [PDF] Report
  • Hurricane Andrew Disaster Assistance: EDA Made Fast, Sound Project Selections But Could Have Better Managed Problem Projects - Performance Audit: ESA-ATL-8989 [PDF] Report
  • Sacramento Dress Rehearsal Identifies Needed Improvements in Personnel Administration - Performance Audit: ESA-STL-11052 [PDF] Report
  • Personal Property Balance Requires Significant Attention to be Properly Stated in Financial Statements - Performance Audit: NOAA-FSC-10875 [PDF] Report
  • OAR Needs Additional Management Systems to Meet the Intent of the Results Act - Performance Audit: NOAA-STL-8519 [PDF] Report
  • NWS's New Supercomputer Should Be Located at Federal Building 4 in Suitland, MD - Performance Audit: NOAA-STD-10925 [PDF] Report
  • NMFS Seafood Inspection Program Should Be Divested - Performance Audit: NOAA-STL-9607 [PDF] Report
  • NMFS Office of Law Enforcement Needs Management Improvements - Performance Audit: NOAA-STL-9835 [PDF] Report
  • Discretionary Funding Decision Process: Native American Business Development Center Program - Performance Audit: MBDA-BTD-10955 [PDF] Report
  • Discretionary Funding Decision Process: Minority Business Development Center Program - Performance Audit: MBDA-BTD-10956 [PDF] Report
  • NPOESS Acquisition Well Planned, but Life-cycle Cost Estimates for Critical Sensors Are Overstated - NOAA: OSE-9593not online
  • Computer Security for Transmission of Sensitive Data Should Be Strengthened - Census: OSE-10773not online
  • Administrative Improvements in the National Sea Grant College Program Should Accompany Program Changes - Performance Audit: NOAA-IPE-10150 [PDF] Report
  • Light Aircraft Fleet Should Be Privatized - Performance Audit: NOAA-STD-9952 [PDF] Report
  • US & FCS Spain's Leadership Has Improved Operating Environment, but Some Program Activities Need More Emphasis - Performance Audit: ITA-IAD-10593 [PDF] Report
  • Office of Enrollment and Discipline Must Conduct More Timely Investigations of Complaints Against Practitioners - Performance Audit: USPTO-PTD-10627 [PDF] Report
  • New Cost Accounting System Appropriately Considers Reporting Requirements - Financial Statement: USPTO-FSD-10782 [PDF] Report
  • Community-Based Enhanced Services Pilot Project Not Effectively Monitored - Performance Audit: MBDA-EDD-9406-2 [PDF] Report
  • OAR's Interagency and Other Special Agreements Require Additional Improvements for Compliance - Inspection: NOAA-IPE-10310 [PDF] Report
  • Trade Events: Improvements Needed in Planning and Management - Performance Audit: ITA-IAD-9714 [PDF] Report
  • Audit of ITA's FY 1997 Financial Statements - Performance Audit: ITA-FSC-9862 [PDF] Report
  • Audit of NIST's FY 1997 Financial Statements - Performance Audit: NIST-FSC-9864 [PDF] Report
  • NIST's Policy of Allowing Informal Collaborations with Non-Federal Researchers Requires Additional Controls - Inspection: NIST-IPE-10854 [PDF] Report
  • Audit of the Department of Commerce's Fiscal Year 1997 Consolidated Financial Statements - Performance Audit: OS-FSD-9754 [PDF] Report
  • Audit of the Department of Commerce's Fiscal Year 1997 Consolidated Financial Statements - Performance Audit: OS-FSD-9753 [PDF] Report
  • Atlanta Bankcard Purchases Need Improved Internal Controls - Performance Audit: ESA-ATL-10316 [PDF] Report
  • 2000 Decennial Census: Address-Building Program May Become More Complex, Costly, and Counterproductive - Performance Audit: ESA-ESD-9608 [PDF] Report
  • PTO's Financial Statements Fiscal Year 1997 - Financial Statement: USPTO-FSD-9755 [PDF] Report
  • PTO Needs to Refine Its Space Consolidation Planning - Inspection: USPTO-IPE-9724 [PDF] Report
  • Audit of NOAA's FY 1997 Financial Statements - Financial Statement: NOAA-FSC-9865 [PDF] Report
  • Audit of NTIA's FY 1997 Financial Statements - Financial Statement: NTIA-FSC-9866 [PDF] Report
  • Use of Cooperative Agreements Will Improve Management and Oversight of the Minority Business Opportunity Committee Program - Inspection: MBDA-IPE-10309 [PDF] Report
  • NIST FY 1997 Superfund Charges to the Environmental Protection Agency: Performance Audit: NIST-EDD-10268-8-0001 [PDF] Report
  • Interagency Agreements with the Environmental Protection Agency-FY 1995 and FY 1996 - Performance Audit: NOAA-STL-10140 [PDF] Report
  • NWS's Verification System for Sever and Hazardous Weather Forecasting Needs Modernization - Inspection: NOAA-IPE-9255 [PDF] Report
  • Financial Statements Fiscal Year 1997 [PDF] Report
  • Inadequate Contractor Transition Risks Increased System Cost and Delays - Evaluation: USPTO-OSE-10084 [PDF] Report
  • Coastal Zone Management and National Estuarine Research Reserve System Programs Require Management Attention to Increase Effectiveness - Inspection: NOAA-IPE-9044 [PDF] Report
  • Headquarters Information Processing Systems for the 2000 Decennial Census Require Technical and Management Plans and Procedures - Evaluation: OSE-10034 [PDF] Report
  • NMFS Laboratory Structure Should Be Streamlined - Performance Audit: NOAA-STL-8982 [PDF] Report
  • 2000 Decennial Census: Expanded Targeted Questionnaire Program May be Unnecessary and Counterproductive - Performance Audit: ESA-ESD-9610-7 [PDF] Report
  • Patent Quality Controls Are Inadequate - Performance Audit: USPTO-PTD-9977-7 [PDF] Report
  • Excess Satellite Funding Indicates Need For Better Financial Controls - Evaluation: NOAA-OSE-8797 [PDF] Report
  • FY 1996 Superfund Charges to the Environmental Protection Agency - Performance Audit: NIST-EDD-10062 not online
  • Administrative Support Centers Need Functional Realignment and Focus on Essential Services - Inspections: NOAA-IPE-8569 [PDF] Report
  • Advanced Technology Program Can Benefit From Financial and Management Improvements - Performance Audit: NIST-ENT-8984 [PDF] Report
  • FY 1995 Superfund Charges to the Environmental Protection Agency - Performance Audit: NIST-EDD-9836 [PDF] Report
  • Industry Network Corporation - Financial-Related Audits: NIST-DEN-9555-8-0001 [PDF] Report
  • Close-out Procedures as of April 25, 1997 - Financial-Related Audits: USTTA-FSD-8711-7-0001 [PDF] Report
  • NOAA Geostationary Acquisition - Evaluation: NOAA-OSE-8784 [PDF] Report
  • CyberFile-Related Management and Procurement Deficiencies:Inspection:TA-IPE-9364not online
  • Financial Statements Fiscal Year 1997not online
  • Weather Service Modernization Contract To Be Reducednot online
  • Northwest Emergency Assistance Plan Needs Focusnot online
  • The Census Bureau's Administration of Joint Statistical Projects [PDF] Report
  • NEXRAD Software Maintenance [PDF] Report
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