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Coverage and Employment Status
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This Advisor will tell you whom the FLSA protects. Only individuals employed in circumstances covered by -- and not specifically exempt from -- the FLSA are protected. You may want to explore exemptions after going through this section of the Advisor.

The FLSA applies to employment within any state of the United States, the District of Columbia or any territory or possession of the United States. An employee working in a foreign country is not protected by the FLSA even though the employer has its main office in the United States.

If you have questions that have not been answered by the Advisor, a link to a list of Wage and Hour District Offices is provided at the end of each section. Also, before using this Advisor, you may want to review a brief explanation of what the FLSA requires and what the FLSA does NOT require.

Employee Advisor

Employer Advisor

Am I covered by the FLSA? Do I have to comply with the FLSA?
Am I an employee? Are my workers employees?

To review what is and is not required by the FLSA, click the underlined text.

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