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Symbols of the United States Government: Ben's Activity Book
Availability In Stock - Warehouse and Retail (Priced)
Stock Number 021-000-00191-1
ISBN 0-16-072301-9
Price $ 7.00
International Price $ 9.80
Description This activity and coloring book is full of information, illustrations, and activities that teach students of all ages about symbols of the United States Government. Created as a supplement to the Government Printing Office's educational website, "Ben's Guide to the United States Government," this activity book can also be useful as a stand alone instructional tool. Sold in packages of 25 copies for the bulk price of $73.00 and also available in single copy for $6.50 per copy.
Publisher Government Printing Office
Year/pages 2004: 47 p.; ill.
Note For use with Also available in packages of 25 for $73.00 per package.
Key Phrases Elementary Education, Activity Book, Bens Guide, Bens Activity Book, Franklin, Benjamin, Childrens Publications, Teaching Materials, Civics, Citizenship, Ben's Activity Book: Symbols of the United States Government
SuDocs Class
Weight 8 lbs. 8 oz.
Quantity Price Discount
Binding Paper Cover, Stitch
Cover Paper
Available Date 08/17/04
Subject Bibliography 035 069 077 141 196
Status Date 08/17/04
Unit Each
Unit (non-U.S.) Each
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