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Please Note: This is a work in progress. We will be adding to this page as time permits.

» Aa

   About MSHA
   Academy Home Page
   Accident Prevention Program
   Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking
   Agency Performance Sheets
   Analysis of Surface Powered Haulage Accidents
   Approval and Certification Center - Triadelphia, West Virginia
   Assessments (Office of)

» Bb

   Belt Air Single Source Page
   Best Practices/Best Practices Cards
   Black Lung - Control the Dust Prevent Black Lung

» Cc

   Catalog of Training Products
   Code-a-phone (Hazardous Condition Complaints)
   Code of Federal Regulations - (30 CFR Parts 1 to 199)
   Comments on Public Rulemaking
   Compliance Assistance
   Compliance Guides
   Congressional Testimony
   Contact MSHA
   Contest Problems
   Contested Citations and Orders(Statistics)
   Course Catalog
   Current Federal Register Documents (Items Published This Year)

» Dd

   Daily Fatalities - Numbers and Narrative
   Data Retrieval System
   Diesel Equipment - Health and Safety
   Diesel Particulate Rules - Single Source Page
   Directory - Mining Industry
   District Pages (Both Coal and Metal/Nonmetal)

» Ee

   Education & Training

   Email Notification Subscription Page

» Ff

   Fact Sheets
   Fatal Accident Reviews - Metal and Nonmetal Mines
   Fatal Alert Bulletins
   Fatality - Mining Fatality Statistics Single Source Page
   Fatality Statistics - MSHA
   Federal Government Mining Agencies
   Federal Mine Safety and Health Act of 1977
   Federal Register Documents (Rules and Regs)
   Federal Register Documents (Current)
   Final Policies
   Final Rules
   Finalized Petitions for Modification
   FOIA Reading Room
   Forms and On-line Filings

» Gg

   A Guide to Miner's Rights and Responsibilities

» Hh

   Handbooks - MSHA
   Hazardous Condition Complaints (Code-a-phone)
   Health Hazard Information
   Health Information
   Health Standards for Occupational Noise Exposure
   History of Final Rules and Rules in Progress
   Holmes Safety Association Bulletins
   Holmes Safety Bulletins

» Ii

   Immediately Reportable Accidents and Injuries
   Information Collection Requests
   International Mining Organizations, Associations and Societies

» Jj

   Jobs at MSHA

» Kk

   MSHA's Page for Kids
   Kids Stuff (Office of the Solicitor)

» Ll

   Law - A Compendium of Links to International Mining Law
   Legislation History
   Legislative History
   Library Home Page
   Longwall Respirable Dust Control

» Mm

   Mailing List Subscription Page (Email Notifications)
   Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
   Media Information
   Meetings (Advisory Committees)
   Mine Emergency Operations (MEO) Database
   Mine Hazard Awareness Campaign
   Mine Improvement and New Emergency Response Act of 2006 (the Miner Act)
   Mining Museums and Miners' Memorials
   Mine Rescue Contests Home Page
   Mine Rescue Information
   Mine Rescue Teams - Nationwide Search
   Mining Schools in the United States
   Mine Simulation Laboratory
   Miscellaneous Notices (Rules and Regs)
   Mission Statement
   MSHA Individual Identification Number Single Source Page (MIIN)

» Nn

   National Mining Organizations, Associations and Societies
   News Releases
   NIOSH/MSHA Portal-Pak Instruction Manual - Approval Number TC-13F-283 (PDF)

» Oo

   Online Filings
   Organizational Chart

» Pp

   Paperwork Reduction Act Submissions
   Pattern of Violations (Single Source Page)
   Performance Plan - FY2006
   Petitions for Modification
   Pittsburgh Safety and Health Technology Center - Bruceton, Pennsylvania
   Policy and Program Coordination Division
   Preambles to Final Rules
   Preliminary and Final Regulatory Economic Analyses
   Procedure Instruction Letters
   Program Areas
   Program Information Bulletins
   Program Policy Letters
   Program Policy Manual
   Proposed Policies
   Proposed Rules
   Proximity Detection

» Rr

   Recent FMSHRC Decisions
   Requests for Information (RFI)
   Remote Control Continuous Mining Machines
   Rescue - Mine Rescue Page
   Responding to a Mine Emergency (IG-110)

» Ss

   Safety Hazard Information
   Safety Information
   Seals (Single Source Page)
   Semiannual Regulatory Agenda
   Sentinels Of Safety Program
   Single Source Pages
   Small Mine Office
   Solicitor - Office of the Solicitor
   Special Reports
   State Grants Program
   State Mining Agencies
   State Mining Organizations, Associations and Societies
   Statistics - Mine Accident, Injury, Illness, Employment and Coal Production Statistics Part 50 Data
   Statistics - Mine Injury and Worktime Quarterly Statistics
   Statutory Functions
   Statutory and Regulatory Authorities
   Statutory and Regulatory Information
   Strategic Plan
   Stay Out! Stay Alive! (SOSA)
   Substance Abuse
   Surface Powered Haulage Safety (IG 56)

» Tt

   Technical Reports
   Technical Support (Directorate of)
   Telephone Numbers
   Top Twenty Standards Cited
   Training & Education
   Transcripts for Hearings on Proposed Rules

» Uu

   Underground Electrical Safety

» Vv



   Working Drug Free

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