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Your Neighborhood and Beyond:
The Teacher

Ben as TeacherTeachers and schools serve important roles in your community. Teachers educate students on a daily basis on a variety of subjects. However, they are not there just to teach; they are also important role models. Teachers are also there to listen to and help children.

In addition to teachers, schools have many other staff members, such as the principal, vice principal, and nurse, who are there to help children. For example, counselors are there to provide additional support to assist and guide students. High school counselors can help guide a student to the proper college and/or career. They can also help with any personal problems a student may have. Not only does the staff of the school serve the community, school buildings are also there to serve the community. Often schools are used for places to vote, emergency shelters, recreational programs, and town meetings.

The Federal Government is very involved in supporting your local school system. Through various grant programs, the U.S. Department of Education supports the efforts of states, local school systems, and other groups to improve the quality of education and establish educational standards such as testing and curriculum.The Department of Education also provides student aid to help millions of students and families pay for postsecondary education. You can learn more about the Federal Government's role in the nation's education system from the Department of Education's Web site.