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Your Neighborhood and Beyond:
The Fire Fighter

Ben the Fire FighterYou may think that the role of the fire department is just to put out fires, but fire fighters do much more to keep your neighborhood safe. Fire fighters respond to medical emergencies, evacuate areas near a fire or other disasters, and rescue people from dangerous places.

The fire department also works to prevent fires. Fire fighters may visit your school to teach you about common fire hazards and how to find them in your own home. Fire stations often have "open houses," where you can create a home fire safety checklist, develop an escape plan for your home, and maybe even ride in a fire truck!

One of the duties of the Federal Government is to help fire fighters teach adults and children about fire prevention. The agency in charge of fire safety and education is the United States Fire Administration (USFA). The USFA provides services and support to fire stations and other organizations around the country. You can learn more about the Federal Government's role in fire safety and prevention from the USFA Kids Page.