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Your Neighborhood and Beyond:
The Librarian

Ben the LibrarianThe library is a busy place. Everywhere you look, people are reading magazines and newspapers, checking out books, and using computers to do research. You may hear someone reading stories out loud in the children's area, or walk through a special art show and see many beautiful pictures and statues. Libraries are full of information we can use in both work and play.

The library is also a great place to learn more about the Government. The Federal Government wants its citizens to be able to learn about its activities and ideas. The Federal Depository Library Program makes it easy to find out what the Government is doing by sending Government publications to libraries all across the United States. You can use these publications for free at one of these special libraries (known as depository libraries) near you. Also, as the Government puts more and more information on the Internet, you can access the Government's online materials at your depository library in your neighborhood.

With so much going on around you, sometimes it can be hard to find what you need. That's when you can ask a librarian to help you. The librarians spend a lot of time carefully choosing and organizing the books and magazines in the library. Because they know more than anyone about what is available at the library, a librarian is always happy to help people find exactly what they are looking for. Even if you have a hard question, a librarian can help you find the answer!

To learn more about the Federal Government's distribution of publications from the Federal Depository Library Program.