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Export-Related Jobs

This site provides national- and industry-level estimates of jobs supported by exports of manufactured goods from the United States in 2006. [-]

The estimates are the product of a joint statistical research project by the International Trade Administration and the Bureau of the Census. The project was launched in mid-1999 in response to a growing need – by the public, Congress, and federal and state agencies – for timely and defensible data on the employment effects of U.S. international trade.

The export-related employment numbers here are estimates derived by the Census Bureau using an improved methodology that differs somewhat from its estimates of export-related employment in previous years. The 2006 estimates, based on three major sources, required certain conversions and adjustments. Since the 2006 state Input-Output (I-O) coefficients are not yet available from the Bureau of Economic Analysis, the older 2005 coefficients were used. Once the 2006 numbers become available, they will be substituted and new estimates of export-related employment will be calculated. A more detailed description of the methodology is available here. While Census is responsible for the accuracy of estimates cited in this report, ITA is wholly responsible for the presentation and all conclusions and interpretations drawn from the statistics.

National Overview Tables

Industry Overview Tables

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