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U.S. Company Appoints SABIT Participant as Russia Representative


International Freight Transport, a New Jersey company that participated in the SABIT grant program in 2003, appointed Anna Rakhmanova, the intern they trained under the auspices of the SABIT program, as their representative in Moscow. She started her new position in February of this year.


Northern Technologies International Corporation Elects SABIT Alumna to Board of Directors


Tatyana Yakubovskaya, a SABIT grant program participant from 1993, was elected to Board of Directors of Northern Technologies International Corporation (OH). Her duties will include quarterly meetings in the United States to discuss new products and technologies, intellectual property rights and business development, and visits to the International Finance Corporation and American Stock Exchange. Ms. Yakubovskaya is the Managing Partner of NTIC’s Russian Joint Venture Partner in Moscow, “Mostnic”. Their last fiscal year, ending in August 2003, saw $420,000 in revenue generated through their Moscow office.


Wisconsin Company Awarded Boeing Contract as Direct Result of SABIT Participation


Astronautics Corporation of America (WI) was recently awarded a contract to supply Boeing’s 777 airliners with electronic flight bay displays. Through a Russian-American joint venture between Astronautics and “Electroavtomatika” in St. Petersburg, established with Russian SABIT alumni who trained in the United States under SABIT at Astronautics, a major part of the software and design for this project was completed. Boeing has contracted for 300 of these systems, worth $15 million dollars, which will be installed in airplanes exported to KLM Airlines.


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