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Selecting an Intern

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SABIT interns are mid- to senior-level managers or scientists. After a host applicant and the training agenda are approved by SABIT, a Program Officer will be designated to work with the company and coordinate the training and logistics of the program. Interns may be selected in one of two ways:


1. Grant applicants can nominate candidates from existing business contacts in the NIS.


If an organization has an intern candidate in mind from its existing business relationships in the NIS, SABIT will contact the prospective intern and will have them complete a SABIT intern application. Intern applications are available at SABIT offices in Moscow, Kiev, Almaty, and Washington, D.C., and at all Foreign Commercial Service offices at U.S. Embassies throughout the NIS. Each intern must complete an application, send it to the designated NIS office, and be interviewed by a SABIT representative in the NIS. Upon completion of the application and interview, the SABIT office in Washington will determine the suitability of the applicant and will inform the company of its decision


2. Alternatively, SABIT can help organizations recruit suitable candidates


If an organization does not have a candidate pre-selected, SABIT will work with them to identify a suitable intern. In consultation with a SABIT Program Officer in Washington, D.C., a list of potential candidates will be developed based upon desired qualifications determined by the company. The list of potential interns will be provided to the company for a final decision.

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