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Host organizations sponsor trainees on B-1 business visas, which do not allow for the receipt of an honorarium or salary. In order to apply for a visa, the trainee needs a letter of invitation issued by the U.S. host institution, a valid international passport with at least one blank page, two passport-size photographs, and a completed visa application and fee. Letters of invitation are first sent to the designated SABIT Program Officer. The trainee can either pick up the invitation from the Eurasian-based SABIT representative or have it sent by fax after he/she has been interviewed and accepted into the program. Under the terms of a SABIT award, the host organization is required to reimburse the trainee upon his/her arrival to the United States for the visa fee. Please note, however, that SABIT cannot reimburse host institutions for this expense. In addition, the issuance of visas is a Department of State, not a Department of Commerce, function. Therefore, the Commerce Department and SABIT must accept the State Department's decision on denied visas as final.


Airline Tickets

The host organization is responsible for the initial expenditure of funds for a trainee's international airline ticket. Airline reservations and ticket purchases can be arranged through the SABIT Program Officer in Washington. However, if flight arrangements are made by the host organization, they must be cleared through SABIT and adhere to the Fly America Act, which requires the use of American airline carriers. Host organizations are asked not to purchase tickets prior to the issuance of visas.


The host institution is responsible for arranging and paying for the trainee's housing. SABIT will reimburse host institutions for this expense at the end of the training. Housing (utilities expenses are non-reimbursable) will be reimbursed up to $750 per month. Trainees may be housed in apartments or hotel suites, or with a local family. Regardless of where the trainees are housed, the local market rate will be determined by market survey to establish a rate of reimbursement. If a firm is hosting more than one SABIT trainee, then arrangements may be made for them to share an apartment. In all cases, however, each trainee must be provided with a private bedroom. If a shared living space arrangement must be made, then all trainees must be informed about the accommodations prior to arrival.

Health Insurance
The host firm must arrange to provide the trainee with appropriate health insurance coverage. The policy must include an accident and comprehensive medical insurance program, as well as coverage for emergency medical evacuation, accidental death, and repatriation. SABIT does not specify the necessary amounts of coverage for each item. Prior to each trainee's arrival, host firms must fill out, sign, and send to the designated SABIT Program Officer the "Trainee Insurance Form." This form, along with a list of insurance carriers specializing in short-term coverage for international visitors, is provided to selected host firms as part of the original award documentation.


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