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The posting on the Internet of the Trade Mission Calendar is based on Department of Commerce's Trade Mission Policy. As particular trade missions are identified, and their official trade mission statements are approved for release to the public, they will be listed on this trade mission calendar page.   For a more complete calendar of world-wide Trade Events that are supported by one or more U.S. Government agencies to help U.S. companies export go to Trade Events  page.  To find out about trade events across the United States and the World that focus on exporting, international business, industry topics or to search our database please go to the 
http://www.export.gov/comm_svc/tradeevents.html  page.  Thank you. 

Upcoming Trade Missions

October 5-10, 2008 Aerospace, Defense, and Safety and Security Trade Mission at Defendory, Athens, Greece Optional Stop in Tel Aviv, Israel
November 15-20, 2008 Business Development Mission to Amman, Jordan and Cairo, Egypt
April 4-9, 2009 Oil and Gas Trade Misison to Atyrau, Kasakhstan
May 11-14, 2009 Healthcare and Medical Equipment Trade Mission to Astana and Almaty

Completed Trade Missions

September 16-19, 2008 Aerospace Executive Service at Africa Aerospace and Defense 2008 - Cape Town, South Africa
September 1-12, 2008 U.S. APP Clean Energy and Environment Trade Mission to China and India
August 4-12, 2008 Medical Equipment Trade Mission to the Philippines, Thailand, and Malaysia
June 16-20, 2008 Assistant Secretarial Trade Misison to Vietnam
June 2008 Business Development Mission to Erbil, Iraq

May 28-June 3, 2008

Healthcare Technologies Trade Mission to Italy, Greece, and Cyprus
May 26-29, 2008 Renewable Energy Mission - Denmark and Sweeden
April 24-25, 2008 U.S. Health Care Trade Policy Mission to China
April 14-16, 2008 Trade Winds Europe - Business Development Forum - Istanbul, Turkey
March 31-April 6, 2008 Aerospace Executive Service Program FIDAE International Air Show
February 18-21, 2008 Aerospace Executive Service (AES) Program - Singapore Air Show
March 3-11, 2008 Sub-Saharan Africa Trade Mission to Ghana, Nigeria, and South Africa
January 8-17, 2008

2nd U.S. APP Clean Energy Trade Mission to China and India

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