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Shipping Lists

The Daily Depository Shipping Lists include all publications that are mailed each day from GPO's Library Programs Service to depository libraries. Arranged by item number, the lists also include the Superintendent of Documents number and titles for each entry on the list. Copies of all shipping lists are sent to each library to be used as a packing slip to check against depository receipts.

A separate numbering system is used for each of the formats of publications that are distributed in a physical form to the depository libraries. There is a separate shipping list and numbering system used for the distribution of the United States Geological Survey (USGS) maps sent from USGS directly to the depository libraries.

The electronic files of shipping list information are updated and uploaded to the Federal Bulletin Board twice weekly and can be found at

A new LPS shipping list service has begun for FY 2001 shipping Lists. Called Shipping Lister, a user can retrieve an official version of a Depository Shipping List in portable document format (PDF). NOTE: Microfiche shipping lists are not accessible from Shipping Lister.

The Enhanced Shipping List Label Service, a partnership project between the State University of New York at Buffalo and the Federal Depository Library Program is available from The shipping list information is made available along with a program that allows a library to print its own label with the Superintendent of Documents number for each title on the shipping list. This database is also updated at least twice weekly.

The Daily Depository Shipping Lists are also available for sale from the Superintendent of Documents Sales Program.