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User Notice of Dropped Tables

Note:  The following American Community Survey (ACS) tables are being removed from American FactFinder for the years 2000 and 2001 and use of data derived from these tables should be discontinued. (At the time of their release, these tables were part of a data set known as the “Census Supplementary Survey” for each year.)

P042 - Residence 1 year ago for the population 1 year and over -- MSA/PMSA level
P045 - Place of work for workers 16 years and over -- MSA/PMSA level
PCT030 - Residence 1 year ago for the population 1 year and over -- MSA/PMSA level

These tables will not be published with 2002 ACS data.

MSAs/PMSAs are defined at the county level in states outside of New England. During the current demonstration period for ACS, the sample of counties has not been selected to be representative of the distribution of metropolitan and non-metropolitan areas separately within a state. The supplementary survey sample design does not support estimation for metropolitan /non-metropolitan domains. For this reason, these tables are being removed and users are encouraged to not use the data from these tables further.

It is important to note that this problem will not occur under the full implementation of the ACS, as there will be housing units sampled in all counties in the United States.

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