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Diary Processing and Packaging

July 12 - August 9, 2008

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The Special American Business Internship Training (SABIT) Program will train a delegation of 18 mid- to senior-level executives from the dairy processing and packaging sector of Central Asia, Western Eurasia and the Caucasus. The program will introduce these professionals to U.S. agribusiness associations and co-operatives, U.S. agribusiness policy and the policymaking process, private companies and farmers, U.S. trends in Dairy Processing and Packaging, marketing and management. A primary goal of the program is to assist these mid- to senior-level delegates in establishing contacts with potential U.S. partners.


This delegation will look to U.S. expertise in Dairy Processing and Packaging for concepts, equipment, materials and management techniques that can be implemented upon return to their own regions. Topics of interest include: Production automation, Processing technologies, distributors, storage, shipping and warehousing, and dairy farms and associations.


This Dairy Processing and Packaging program offers an opportunity for American firms to promote their products and services to Eurasian decision makers seeking innovative technology solutions, investment partnerships, and future business contacts.


SABIT is currently searching for associations, cooperatives, and private industry specialists with expertise in association creation and reorganization, marketing and management in the agribusiness industry, agricultural sciences, finance for agribusiness development, and agribusiness policy and development to host this delegation at their business sites and facilities for up to one day.


Key industry leaders as well as smaller-scale operations are welcome to participate. There is no charge associated with participation. Host companies and associations are asked to provide industry expertise in any of the topics pertaining to this Dairy Processing and Packaging program. Please refer to the program flyer for further information.


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