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Depository Library Council

The purpose of this web site is serve as a reference tool for the current Depository Library Council, in addition to providing interested parties with a current and historical compilation of information dealing with the Depository Library Council to the Public Printer.

  • 2007 Spring Depository Library Council Meeting — Denver, CO April 15-18, 2007

    • Proceedings (agenda, handouts, presentations, podcasts, and more).
  • 2006 Fall Depository Library Conference and Council Meeting, Washington DC, October 22-25, 2006

    • Podcasts from the Fall 06 DLC Meeting
    • Digital Distribution to Federal Depository Libraries. (06/09/06) PDF
    • Future Digital System Update-Techline October 2006. PDF
    • Cataloging and Accessing the Congressional Serial Set. PDF
    • Updated Recommended Readings. PDF
  • Knowledge Will Forever Govern: A Vision Statement for Federal Depository Libraries in the 21st Century. Final Version. PDF - 09/29/06

    • Statement to accompany the DLC's "Knowledge Will Forever Govern" PDF - 09/29/06
    • Depository Library Council Fall 2005 Meeting Executive Summary PDF- 11/14/05
    • Webcast: Plenary Session with Public Printer Bruce James and Council PDF - 11/10/05
    • DLC Vision Discussion Summary, Fall Conference PPT - 10/05
    • Fall Depository Library Council, Envisioning & Action Plan Sessions:
      Ground Rules for Discussion PDF10/05
    • DLC Vision Discussion Paper PDF- 9/05
    • DLC Vision Outline Blog at - 8/05
    • DLC Vision Draft Outline PDF (PDF) - 7/05


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