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Commerce Grants Management Solution

The Department of Commerce is currently developing plans for deployment of an agency wide grants management system. The system is capable of providing a fast, coherent, flexible and robust application in support of the evaluation, award and long-term management of federal financial assistance awards. Specifically the system will deliver a standardized set of capabilities for viewing, retrieving, modifying, and deleting Application and Grant related information including, but not limited to:

applications, awards, amendments, audits, proposal scoring and commentary, budget and finance data, as well as Technical and Panel Peer Review information. The Project Team is working in conjunction with and in support of the President's E-Grants Initiative and ensures that grant application information keyed into the Grants.gov system is imported directly into the system for use by all affected Commerce awarding components. The vision is for the system to provide end to end processing of awards throughout their entire life cycle (from the beginning of the application cycle through post award administration and closeout). The system is aimed at delivering a significant reduction in the amount of time (and potentially cost and level of effort) it takes to award grants.

Already in use at the largest Commerce bureau issuing financial assistance awards, the system has produced a significant effect on time processing/managing awards -

Mail/Paper Handling Per Grant (30 days down to 0 days for applications received through Grants.gov)
Data Entry Per Grant (17.25 hours down to 2.2 hours)
Technical Administrative / Compliance Review of Applications (limited time available to having significant time available for this task).

The grantee community will have limited access to the system as well, with the ability to monitor certain aspects of their awards and file required reports electronically. This page will be updated as future developments transpire.
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