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Welcome to the Office of the Chief Information Officer

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The Commerce Department's Office of the Chief Information Officer is responsible for ensuring that the Department's programs make full and appropriate use of information technology. It supports the increased use of leading edge technology to enable the Department to carry out its mission better, with improved products and services at the lowest cost.

The Office oversees the expenditure of approximately $1.5 billion each year for computer hardware, software, and services, and for networking and telecommunications and other information technology (IT). This is accomplished by the development of policies and other guidance for Department-wide planning and use of IT, and through a capital asset management process centered around a Commerce IT Review Board. This process reviews and evaluates proposed IT initiatives and requests for acquisitions, and also reviews and evaluates ongoing IT projects.

High priority is being accorded within the Office to IT Security and Critical Infrastructure Protection, so as to ensure the integrity of the Department's systems and data and products and services based on these data and to ensure continuity of operations.

High priority is also given to the use of the Internet World Wide Web and other means to provide large amounts of data and information to citizens and businesses in all the Department's program areas, and to support transaction-oriented Electronic Government that brings the Department closer to its customers and helps it to function more efficiently.