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COMMITS NexGen Customers and Contractors


Each COMMITS NexGen customer shall designate a COMMITS NexGen Program Point of Contact (CPOC) as the primary liaison with the COMMITS NexGen Program Office. This individual may be the Contracting Officer’s Representative or other agency official. A close working relationship between the this individual and the COMMITS NexGen Program Office ensures clear lines of communication, authority, responsibility, and accountability. Through the COMMITS NexGen Program Point of Contact, the Customer agency:

•  Coordinates the activities of all non-COMMITS NexGen Program Office personnel involved in task order administration (e.g., agency contracting officer, COR, accounting staff).

•  Ensures all actions under the Customer’s control are performed in accordance with applicable statutes, regulations, agency funding procedures, the COMMITS NexGen Customer Service Agreement (CSA), and contract/task order requirements.

•  Coordinates payment for all fees and costs associated with the completion of any COMMITS NexGen task order and certifies invoices to accept performance and ensure contractors are promptly and correctly paid.

•  Identifies agency task order source selection officials.

•  Provides copies of task orders and modifications awarded by the Customer’s Delegated Procurement Authority/Contracting Officer to the COMMITS NexGen Program Office within five business days of award.

•  Identifies the organization that will submit task order data to the Federal Procurement Data System (FPDS), i.e., the COMMITS NexGen Program Office or Delegated Procurement Authority/Contracting Officer.

•  Performs general task order monitoring functions and completes regular performance evaluations as required by individual task order specifications.

•  Ensures property control accountability for any equipment or software delivered under the task order(s) in accordance with individual agency requirements.


     COMMITS NexGen Contractors

The role of COMMITS NexGen contractors is delivering high quality, well-managed IT solutions to government Customers. Specific authorities and responsibilities of COMMITS NexGen contractors include:

•  Respond to requests for solutions posted on the COMMITS NexGen acquisition system.

•  Ensure performance and deliverables meet the requirements set forth in
individual task orders.

•  Segregate cost accounting data by individual task order, if required.

•  Provide comments on past performance evaluations.

•  Provide the COMMITS NexGen Program Office with reports covering task
order(s) progress and status as specified in the contract or in awarded task orders.

•  Attend status meetings with the COMMITS NexGen Contracting Officer.

•  Identify and report to the COMMITS NexGen Program Office potential conflicts of interest.

•  Establish and maintain a quality assurance programs based on performance metrics.

•  Submit monthly Task Order Status Report.

•  Participate in various workgroups with the COMMITS NexGen Program Office to identify and implement program improvements.