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The Annual Capital Expenditures Survey (ACES) is part of a comprehensive program designed to provide detailed and timely information on capital investment in new and used structures and equipment by nonfarm businesses. The survey is based on a sample of approximately 46,000 companies with employees and approximately 15,000 companies without employees. Beginning with the 1999 ACES, for companies with employees, capital expenditures data are published for industries comprised primarily of three-digit and selected four-digit industries from the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS). Prior to the 1999 ACES, capital expenditures data were published for 97 industries comprised of two-digit and selected three-digit industries from the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) system.

2006 Data-Released January 24, 2008

Capital spending by U.S. nonfarm businesses reached an all-time high of $1.31 trillion in 2006, topping the $1.16 trillion in 2000 and $1.14 trillion in 2005.(Press Release)

new2008 Capital Spending Report: U.S. Capital Spending Patterns, 1999-2006-Released October 7, 2008

The 2008 report is the second in a series of reports that provides historical data on capital spending by U.S. businesses based on the Annual Capital Expenditures Survey.(Press Release)

2007 Capital Spending Report: U.S. Capital Spending Patterns, 1999-2005

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    How to Obtain Special Tabulations
    In addition to published data, the ACES staff also prepares tabulations. Such tabulations are prepared at cost and at the availability of Census Bureau staff and resources. Data in these tabulations are summaries subject to the same rules prohibiting disclosure of confidential company-specific information that govern all Census Bureau publications.

    Requests for special tabulations, including exact specifications for the type and format of the data requested, should be directed to the ACES staff.

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