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  Security and Intelligent Document: meeting the challenge of new security issues  

Security and Intelligent Document (SID)

The Security and Intelligent Document Unit (SID) continues to meet the challenges of new security issues by enabling the production of secure Government documents for a wide variety of applications including:

  • US Passports
  • Federal Breeder Documents
  • Travel Documents
  • Immigration Forms
  • Credentials
  • Official Tickets and Checks

Our agency customers can utilize GPO’s Security services in the following ways:

Security by Design
Members of GPO’s internal design staff are experts in the latest and most secure design software and are ready to assist you in all stages of building a secure document. GPO has extensive experience and expertise in designing and producing security documents for the public and for Government clients including the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. 

Security by Materials
GPO has the experience needed in preparing technical specifications for security paper and security inks. GPO’s Testing and Technical Service Division specializes in paper-mill inspections and technical audits, tracking and evaluating the latest secure technologies, and certifying technical recommendations on purchase awards of America’s top security paper and ink manufacturers. The laboratory has a wide array of equipment and experienced personnel to perform technical analyses of secure paper and inks. 

Security by Print
GPO ensures the safety and authenticity of secure documents by employing hundreds of individuals with security clearances in the areas of manufacturing, procurement, design, and delivery. GPO has the capability not only to print secure documents, but also to bind, finish, and distribute them to the end user. In addition to providing in-house printing services, we have decades of experience in procuring secure documents from the leading security printing contractors throughout the United States. GPO procurements include U.S. Treasury checks, Social Security cards, and many other secure and intelligent documents. 

Security by Technology
GPO provides expertise and experience in utilizing the Nation’s leading anticounterfeiting protection products. We are continuing to enhance our capabilities with the use of electronic technologies, such as Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags and Smart Cards, to increase the level of security our documents can offer. 

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Gerry Egan
Director of Business Development

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