The Black Population in the United States

  1. Current Population Survey (CPS) Reports

    2004 March CPS
    2003 March CPS
    2002 March CPS

    2000 March CPS

    1999 March CPS

    1998 March CPS

    1997 March CPS

    1996 March CPS

    1995 March CPS

  2. Population Estimates and Projections

    Population by race for current and past dates may be found among our Estimates offerings. Annual and monthly estimates are available by race at the national level, and for selected dates and the state and county levels. Projections provide population by race for future dates. They are available at the national and state levels.

  3. Statistical Briefs

    1. Black-Owned Businesses: Strongest in Service [PDF 34k]
    2. Housing in Metropolitan Areas - Black Households [PDF 50k]
    3. Blacks in American - 1992 [PDF 83k]
    4. Black Americans: A Profile [PDF 70k]

  4. 2000 Census

    The 2000 Census provides the richest source of race data. You may extract 2000 census data from the Summary Tape Files using our American FactFinder.

  5. The 1990 Census

    The 1990 Census provides a rich source of race data. You may extract 1990 census data from the Summary Tape Files using our American FactFinder.

    There is also a map showing the density of the Black Population available in the set Race and Hispanic Origin Population Density of the United States: 1990

  6. Historical Census Statistics on Population Totals By Race, 1790 to 1990, and By Hispanic Origin, 1970 to 1990, For The United States, Regions, Divisions, and States

    HTML version (97k) | PDF version [PDF 8.3M]

  7. American Community Survey

Race and Ethnic Classifications Used in Census 2000 and Beyond

Background Information Related to Racial and Ethnic Classifications in Census 2000 The federal government is considering changes in the guidelines for classifying race and ethnic data.

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  2. Economic Characteristics
    Minority- & Women- Owned Business Enterprises | Child Support | Income | Poverty

  3. Other
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