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Welcome to the DOL OWCP Web Bill Processing Portal

The site provides functionality for the following Department of Labor Office of Workers' Compensation (OWCP) programs:

  • Federal Employees' Compensation Act (FECA)
  • Division of Coal Mine Workers' Compensation (DCMWC)
  • Division of Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation (DEEOIC)

To enter a program, click the appropriate link displayed above.

Available Features
  • Provider Enrollment
  • Online Provider Update
  • Medical Bill Submission (FECA program only - Contract nurses and vocational rehabilitation counselors)
  • Medical Bill Inquiry
  • Eligibility Inquiry
  • Medical Authorization Request (FECA & DEEOIC Programs)
  • Medical Authorization Inquiry
  • Provider Payment Status Inquiry
  • Provider Search   New!
Latest Developments
Submit Bills and Attachments Electronically
Effective October 1, 2008, a new innovative service will be offered to allow you to submit bills with attachments electronically. P2P Link will provide essential electronic connectivity between workers' compensation payers and medical providers as well as functionality for all Department of Labor Office of Workers' Compensation (OWCP) programs (FECA, DCMWC, DEEOIC).

Providers submitting bills through a clearinghouse, billing agent or vendor will continue to have two options to submit their bills electronically: P2P Link or the DOL OWCP Web Bill Processing Portal (Web Portal). If you are interested in getting connected via P2P Link you can contact them directly at 469-417-7757 or via email at For DOL OWCP Web Portal, go to "Forms and Links" or contact them at 1-800-461-7485 or 1-850-558-1775.

Provider Search - New Web Feature
As of 03/30/08 a new feature called Provider Search is being offered to all three programs. This feature will help you generate a custom list of providers by entering criteria that describes what you are looking for. When searching the database the search may include the program name, provider type, specialty, provider name, city, state, and zip code. To get started click the Provider Search link in the Available Features section.

New Billing Requirements for OWCP Programs
Providers (excluding Pharmacy) must bill with their ACS OWCP provider number in box 33 of OWCP-1500 or box 51 of OWCP-04. If the number is not on the form your bill will be returned.

DCMWC Program Access
Providers in the DCMWC program can now access the OWCP Web Bill Processing Portal.

Interactive Voice Response System (FECA only)
FECA users can access the Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) to utilize bill status inquiry, claimant eligibility inquiry, and medical authorization inquiry functionality 24 hours a day. To access the IVRS system, please dial (866) 335-8319 and select option '1' from the main menu.

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