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Immigration Data
Imports / Trade Data
IMPS - Integrated Microcomputer Processing System

--Income and Poverty Estimates for Small Areas (SAIPE)
--Income Data

Indebtedness of Governments
Indicators - Economic Briefing Room
Industries Statistics
Industry and Occupation
Industry Classification for Census 2000
Information and Communication Technology Survey
Information Collection Requests -- OMB Clearance
Information Quality Guidelines
Information sector (Economic Census)
Institutional and Non-Institutional Households

--Finance and Insurance sector (Economic Census)
--Health Insurance Statistics
--Service Annual Survey

Integrated Microcomputer Processing System (IMPS)

--Census Dates for Countries and Areas of the World
--Foreign Trade Data
--International Data Base (IDB)
--International Programs Center (IPC)
--International Trade in Goods and Services
--Publications / IPC Products and Services
--Statistical Agencies
--World Population Information

Inventories (Manufacturers' Shipments, Inventories, and Orders)
Inventories and Sales - Manufacturing and Trade
Irrigation (Census of Agriculture)

Island Areas:
--Economic and Agricultural Census Data and Foreign Trade Data

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