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Dallas Regional Office
Data Access and Dissemination System (DADS) / American FactFinder (AFF)
Data Access Tools
Data Extraction System (DES)
Data Processing Services (Annual Estimates)
Data Protection and Privacy Policy
Daytime Population
Deaths Data
Debt, Governmental

Decennial Census:
--1990 Census
--American Indian and Alaska Native (AIAN) Data and Links
--Census 2000
--Census 2000:
----Data Products at a Glance
----Data Products Technical Support
----Demographic Profiles
----Plans and Operations
----Supplementary Survey
----Testing, Experimentation, and Evaluation Program from Census 2000
--ESCAP Report (Executive Steering Committee for A.C.E. Policy)
--Historical Data 1790 - 1990

Demographic Characteristics of Business Owners
Demographic, Population and Household Economic Topics
Density of Population
Denver Regional Office
Depository Libraries, Federal
Detroit Regional Office
Directions to the Census Bureau and the Suitland Federal Center
Disability Data
Disclosure Control (Statistical)
Drop-In Articles (Census 2000)
Durable Goods (Manufacturers' Shipments, Inventories and Orders)
Dynamics of Economic Well-Being

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