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Call Centers

Capital Expenditures:
--Businesses - nonfarm (Private Sector)
--Federal, State and Local Government (Public Sector)

Case Studies (Using Data Effectively)
Cash and Security Holdings of Government (see also Assets of State and Local Government)
CenStats Databases

--Census Dates for Countries and Areas of the World
--Census of Agriculture
--Census of Governments
--Decennial Census of Population and Housing
--Economic Census

Census 2000 (see also Decennial Census):
--Census 2000
--Data Products at a Glance
--Data Products Technical Support
--Demographic Profiles
--Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Special Tabulation
--Group Quarters Population
--Plans and Operations
--Summary File 1 (SF 1) - Product Profile
--Summary File 3 (SF 3) - Product Profile
--Supplementary Survey
--Testing, Experimentation, and Evaluation Program

Census Briefs (see also Statistical Briefs)
Census Bureau, About the Bureau
Census Catalog and Guide for Products, Programs and Services
Census in Schools
Census Information Centers
Census Internet Site
Census Mission
Census of Housing
Census Online Catalog
Census Product Update
Census Product Update Subscription Information

Census Tract:
--Tract Coding Resource (How to Locate Census Tracts)

Census Tracts and Block Numbering Areas Information
Census Transportation Planning Package (CTPP 2000)
Center for Economic Studies (CES)
Certification Services
Characteristics of Business Owners
Characteristics of Businesses
Charlotte Regional Office
Chicago Regional Office
Chief Economist Office Research Unit / Center for Economic Studies (CES)

--Child Care Data
--Child Support Data
--Children In Poverty / Low Income Uninsured Children
--Children's Health Insurance

Citation Style Suggestions
Citizenship / Foreign Born Data

--City Government Finance and Employment Data
--County and City Data Book
--Metropolitan and Micropolitan Statistical Areas
--Metropolitan Area Population Estimates
--Place and County Subdivision Population Estimates

College / School Enrollment Data
Commodity Exports and Imports as Related to Output (OEI)
Commodity Flow Survey (CFS)
Communication Services and Products
Commuting / Journey To Work and Place Of Work Data

Companies (see also Business):
--1992 Enterprise Statistics
--Economic Census
--Economic Programs FAQ
--Financial Statistics
--Small Business Statistics
--Statistics of United States Businesses

Company Summary (2002 Survey of Business Owners)
Computer Systems Design Services (Annual Estimates)
Computer Use and Ownership Data
Concentration Ratios (Economic Census)
Confidentiality of Census Data - Title 13
Congressional Affairs Office
Consolidated Federal Funds Report (CFFR)

--Building Permits
--Construction Statistics
--FAQ on Construction Statistics
--Housing Completions Statistics
--Housing Starts Statistics
--New Residential Sales Statistics
--Residential Improvements and Repairs Statistics
--Value of Construction Put in Place Statistics

Construction (Economic Census)
Contacts / Ask the Experts
Continuous Measurement / American Community Survey (ACS)
Contracts / Acquisition Management

--County and City Data Book
--County Business Patterns
--Government Finance and Employment Data
--Housing Units from Census 2000
--Population Estimates
--Small Area Health Insurance Estimates
--Small Area Income and Poverty Estimates (SAIPE)
--State and County Demographic and Economic Profiles
--USA Counties

Crops (Census of Agriculture)
CSPro (Census and Survey Processing System)
Current Business Reports (Service Annual Survey)
Current Industrial Reports (CIRs)
Current Population Reports (CPRs)
Current Population Survey (CPS) (Bureau of Labor Statistics)
Custom Tabulations (Business Establishments)
Customer Information and Exchange Page
Customer Liaison Office / Help Getting Census Bureau Information
Customer Service Standards

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