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Quarterly Financial Report (QFR) - Manufacturing, Mining and Trade
Quarterly Public Employee-Retirement Survey
Quarterly Services Survey
Quarterly Tax Survey (QTAX) State and Local Government
Quarterly Workforce Indicators (QWI)
Questionnaire - (Census 2000)


--Minority Owned Business Enterprises
--Population Estimates
--Population Projections

Radio Broadcasts / Profile America
Ranches (Census of Agriculture)
Real Estate and Rental and Leasing sector (Economic Census)
Real Estate Investment Trusts (Economic Census)
Recreation (National Survey of Fishing, Hunting, and Wildlife-Associated Recreation)
Recreation/ Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation sector (Economic Census)
Redistricting Data Program

--Citation Style Suggestions
--Glossary (Definitions)

Regional Offices of Census Bureau

Remediation services/Administrative and Support and Waste Management and Remediation Services sector (Economic Census):
--Management and Remediation Services sector (Economic Census)

Rental and Leasing Services (Annual Estimates)
Rental and Leasing, Consumer and Commerical (Economic Census)
Report to Congress (Census 2000)

--Current Industrial Reports (CIRs)
--Current Population Reports (CPRs)
--Technical and Working Papers Series

Research Data Center / Center for Economic Studies (CES)
Research Reports in Computing, Statistics, and Survey Methodology
Research Topics
Reservation Services (Annual Estimates)
Residence Rules (Census 2000)
Resident Population
Residential Construction and Improvements / Construction Statistics
Residential Finance Survey
Response Rates, Final (2000 Census)
Response Rates, Mail (1990 Census)

--Advance Monthly Retail Sales
--Annual Retail Trade Survey
--E-Commerce, Retail Sales (Monthly Retail Trade Survey)
--Monthly Retail Trade Survey
--Retail Trade for Island Areas
--Retail Trade sector (Economic Census)

Retirement, Public Employee-Retirement System Finances:
--Annual Survey
--Quarterly Survey

Rural / Urban and Rural Definitions and Data

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