U.S. Census Bureau

Data Protection and Privacy Policy

Electronic Surveys

Responding to Surveys and Censuses over the Internet

Some Census Bureau surveys and censuses permit response over the Internet. The following additional policies apply to personally-identifiable information provided in response to a Census Bureau survey or census.

  • To respond to a survey or census via the Internet, you will have to provide us personally-identifiable information. For each survey and census, we provide an explanation to respondents about the confidentiality of the data and the laws that protect those data (e.g., Title 13, United States Code Section 9 (a)).
  • To protect your privacy, in the remote chance that your survey or census responses are intercepted, all web data submissions are encrypted.

Questions concerning this policy may be addressed to: http://ask.census.gov, attn: Policy Office.

Source: U.S. Census Bureau