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What Economic Census data are available for my industry?
What 2002 Economic Census data are available for my state?
Are there data more recent than 2002 to meet my needs?
How is my business classified under NAICS? naics@census.gov 888-75-NAICS
Small business csd@census.gov 301 763-3321
Business establishment formations, failures (births & deaths) csd@census.gov 301-763-3321
Minority- and women-owned business csd@census.gov 888-225-4022
Business profits csd.qfr@census.gov 800-272-4250
Construction ask.census.gov301-763-1321
Manufacturing, Mining ask.census.gov 301-763-4673
Retail trade, Accommodation rcb@census.gov 800-541-8345
Wholesale trade wcb@census.gov 800-541-8345
Utilities, Transportation ucb@census.gov 800-541-8345
Finance/Insurance, Real Estate & Rental/Leasing fcb@census.gov 800-541-8345
Services scb@census.gov 800-541-8345
International trade--imports and exports ftd@census.gov 301-763-2242
Governments hwulf@census.gov 800-242-2184
Income ask.census.gov 301-763-2422
Poverty ask.census.gov 301-763-2422
Labor force statistics ask.census.gov 301-763-2422
Occupation ask.census.gov 301-763-2422
Computer usage ask.census.gov 301-763-2422
Population ask.census.gov 301-763-2422
Economic data from other agencies:
BLS: Wages, jobs, inflation, consumer prices
BEA: Gross Domestic Product(GDP), Gross State Product USDA-NASS: Census of Agriculture
Other statistics about businesses, see Economic Programs econ@census.gov 301-763-2547

Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Economic Census