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2005 Press Releases

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Date   Title
12/28/05 AHRQ Announces New Brochure To Help People Make Decisions about Surgery
12/14/05 AHRQ Releases First Comparative Effectiveness Review; Certain Drugs Found as Effective as Surgery for Management of GERD
12/9/05 HHS Secretary Appoints New Members to AHRQ National Advisory Council
12/7/05 AHRQ Launches Project To Develop Guide for Patient Registries
12/6/05 New Video Shows Clinicians How To Treat Children Exposed to Chemicals Used in Bioterrorist Attacks
12/1/05 Hospital Admissions of HIV Patients Have Fallen By More Than Half Since 1995
10/28/05 AHRQ National Advisory Council To Meet November 4
10/11/05 AHRQ Announces New Brochure To Help People Find Infomation and Support Following a Medical Diagnosis
10/6/05 HHS Awards Contracts to Advance Nationwide Interoperable Health Information Technology
10/6/05 AHRQ Awards Over $22.3 Million in Health Information Technology Implementation Grants
9/29/05 AHRQ Launches New "Effective Health Care Program" To Compare Medical Treatments and Help Put Proven Treatments into Practice
9/22/05 New AHRQ Booklet Explains Breast Cancer Surgery Options in Spanish
9/15/05 New Publication Helps Consumers Understand and Get Quality Health Care
9/14/05 Research Finds Low Electronic Health Record Adoption Rates for Physician Groups
9/5/05 Task Force Recommends Against Routine Testing for Genetic Risk of Breast or Ovarian Cancer in the General Population
9/2/05 Guidance Available To Help Communities Re-Open Former Hospitals To Care for Survivors of Hurricane Katrina
8/24/05 New Report on Soy Finds Limited Evidence for Health Outcomes
8/17/05 AHRQ-Supported Study Finds Medical Disparities Narrowing
8/9/05 AHRQ Issues New Data on the Uninsured
8/8/05 ICU Patients at Significant Risk for Adverse Events and Serious Errors
7/28/05 National Project Launched To Reduce Surgical Complications by 25 Percent
7/26/05 AHRQ National Advisory Council To Meet July 29
7/12/05 AHRQ Study Finds Weight-loss Surgeries Quadrupled in Five Years
7/8/05 AHRQ Conference to Highlight Efforts to Eliminate Obesity and Health Disparities
7/5/05 $3 Million in Grants Awarded to Help Primary Care Providers Promote Healthy Behaviors Among Their Patients
7/4/05 Task Force Recommends HIV Screening for All Pregnant Women
6/22/05 AHRQ Announces First Phase of Reviews Under Its New Research Program on the Effectiveness of Health Care Interventions
6/20/05 AHRQ Releases the Guide to Clinical Preventive Services 2005: Recommendations of the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force
6/8/05 AHRQ Awards More Than $8 Million To Further Implementation of Evidence-Based Patient Safety Findings
5/31/05 Study Finds Physician Supply Increases in States with Caps on Malpractice Lawsuit Awards, with the Greatest Impact in Rural Areas
5/23/05 New Web-based Tool Helps Planners Inventory Resources for Public Health Emergencies
5/20/05 New AHRQ Report Finds Depression Is Widespread Among Heart Attack Patients
5/16/05 Task Force Recommends Against Routine Use of Estrogen To Prevent Chronic Diseases in Postmenopausal Women Who Have Undergone Hysterectomy
5/12/05 New Expert Panel Report Examines Standards of Care During Mass Casualty Events
5/10/05 New HHS Guide Helps Nurses Encourage Patients To Quit Smoking
5/5/05 New AHRQ Report Finds Depression Is Prevalent in Women During Pregnancy but Often Goes Undetected
5/4/05 AHRQ's New Advances in Patient Safety: From Research to Implementation Shows Accomplishments, Challenges for Improving Patient Safety and Reducing Medical Errors
5/3/05 Routine Use of Episiotomy in Uncomplicated Births Offers No Benefits to Women
5/3/05 Ambulatory Performance Measures "Major Step" in Improving Quality of Health Care: Broad-based Coalition Reaches Consensus on "Starter Set" for Physicians
4/28/05 Latest Data Show That Use of Antibiotics To Treat Ear Infections Is Falling
4/12/05 AHRQ Launches New Web Site Designed To Provide Single National Source for Patient Safety Findings and Resources
4/8/05 AHRQ National Advisory Council To Meet April 15
3/31/05 AHRQ Hosts National Summit on Improving Health Care for All Americans
3/24/05 AHRQ Announces New Vice-Chair and Members of U.S. Preventive Services Task Force
3/15/05 New Emergency Information Center Model Helps Public Health Agencies Meet Demand for Health Information
3/8/05 New AHRQ-Funded Study on Computerized Order Entry Finds Flaws That Could Lead to Errors, Points to Opportunities for Improvement
3/1/05 Preventing Diabetes Complications Could Save $2.5 Billion Annually
2/22/05 Second National Reports on Quality and Disparities Find Improvements in Health Care Quality, Although Disparities Remain
1/31/05 Task Force Recommends that Male Smokers Between the Ages of 65 and 75 Be Screened for Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm
1/12/05 Medical Interns Who Work Extended-duration Shifts Double Their Risk of Car Crashes When Driving Home from the Hospital


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