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1997 Press Releases

Date   Title
12/30/97 New Year's Resolution for Clinicians—Help Smokers Quit
12/2/97 Helping Smokers Quit is Cost-Effective
12/1/97 Highlights from AHCPR's November Research Activities
11/28/97 AHCPR Request Topic Nominations for Evidence Reports and Technology Assessments
11/26/97 Millions Face Barriers To Obtaining Medical Care
11/25/97 AHCPR-Funded Studies Appearing in Today's JAMA Address: Insulin Therapy for Type 2 Diabetes; Diagnostic Protocols for Chest Pain
11/21/97 HHS Secretary Appoints New Members to AHCPR National Advisory Council
11/18/97 AHCPR Studies Suggest Quality Improvements
11/18/97 AHCPR Announces New Center, Consolidating Two Components to Improve Efficiency
11/14/97 AHCPR National Advisory Council to Meet November 21
11/10/97 New Research Brings Needed Evidence to the Debate on Managed Care
10/31/97 Highlights from AHCPR's October Research Activities
10/23/97 AHCPR Invites Press to Conference on Outcomes Research
10/17/97 AHCPR Announces First Evidence Report Topics
10/15/97 Highlights from AHCPR's September Research Activities
10/13/97 Emergency Diagnostic and Treatment Units (EDTUs) May Decrease Hospitalization Rates for Adults with Acute Asthma
10/6/97 Less Expensive But Equally Effective Antibiotics To Treat Ear Infections Could Reduce Medicaid Expenditures
9/30/97 New EKG Add-On Could Reduce Deaths from Heart Attack
9/19/97 Quality of Chronic Disease Managed Care Target of Joint AHCPR-Private Sector Research Effort
9/17/97 Highlights from AHCPR's August Research Activities
9/4/97 AHCPR Announces Appointment of PHS Chief Dental Officer
8/25/97 Highlights from Recent AHCPR Research Findings
7/3/97 Highlights from AHCPR's June Research Activities
7/1/97 New AHCPR Research Supports Use of Erythromycin for Pneumonia Outpatients
6/25/97 AHCPR Awards Five Grants Targeting Quality-of-life, Cost-effectiveness Issues
6/25/97 AHCPR Announces 12 Evidence-based Practice Centers
6/15/97 Quality Measurement and Improvement: AHCPR Call for Applications
6/15/97 AHCPR Accepting Health Services Research Training Applications
6/15/97 AHCPR and Other Agencies Invite Applications for Child and Adolescent Mental Health And Substance Abuse Treatment Research
6/12/97 AHCPR Makes Available New Grant Funds Under its Small Grants Program
6/6/97 AHCPR and American Academy of Nursing Announce Selection of Second Senior Nurse Scholar
6/4/97 AHCPR Convenes Conference on Translating Evidence Into Practice
6/4/97 AHCPR Updates CONQUEST Database
5/29/97 AHCPR Names New Director for Organization and Delivery Studies Program
5/28/97 AHCPR National Advisory Council To Meet June 2
5/28/97 AHCPR, AAHP, and AMA to Develop National Clinical GuidelineClearinghouse
5/5/97 Highlights from AHCPR's April Research Activities
5/1/97 AHCPR Releases Preliminary Data from New Survey
4/4/97 Highlights from AHCPR's March Research Activities
3/27/97 AHCPR/HIAA Help Consumers Choose and Use Health Plans
3/26/97 HHS Secretary Appoints New AHCPR Administrator
3/24/97 Highlights from AHCPR's February Research Activities
3/3/97 AHCPR Names New Director for Outcomes Research Program
3/3/97 AHCPR Funds Projects Which Support Medicine and Public Health Initiative
2/27/97 AHCPR and Private Groups Partner on Pilot Evidence Reports
2/19/97 Good Communication Is a Key Factor in Avoiding Malpractice Suits
1/29/97 AHCPR Announces Latest Release of Inpatient Data
1/23/97 AHCPR Releases Evidence Report on Colorectal Cancer Screening
1/22/97 New Prediction Method Could Cut Hospital Admissions and Costs for Pneumonia Patients
1/15/97 Highlights From AHCPR's November Research Activities
1/7/97 Beta Blockers Shown To Be Underused, Reducing Survival After Heart Attack


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