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2003 Press Releases

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Date   Title
12/22/03 HHS Issues National Reports on Quality and Disparities in the Use of Health Care Services
12/15/03 Task Force Working Group Encourages Patient-Provider Partnership in Making Decisions About Preventive Care
12/2/03 Statement by Carolyn M. Clancy, M.D., on JCAHO Surgical Protocol
12/1/03 Task Force Recommends that Clinicians Screen Adults for Obesity
11/26/03 New Study Suggests that Death Rates for Some Cardiac and Cancer Surgeries May Be Linked to Surgeons' Experience
11/21/03 AHRQ To Support Health Information Technology Projects To Improve Patient Safety and Quality Of Care
11/20/03 Statement by Carolyn M. Clancy, M.D., on IOM Report, Patient Safety: Achieving a New Standard for Care
11/3/03 AHRQ Awards Nearly $4 Million in Challenge Grants to Help Hospitals Improve Patient Safety
10/31/03 HHS Secretary Appoints New Members to AHRQ National Advisory Council
10/16/03 Independent Task Forces Release Recommendations on Community and Clinical Approaches to Preventing Skin Cancer
10/10/03 Case Study Finds Computerized ICU Information System Can Significantly Reduce Time Spent by Nurses on Documentation
10/7/03 Injuries in Hospitals Pose a Significant Threat to Patients and a Substantial increase in Health Care Costs
10/6/03 New Community-based Study Tracks Rates of Antibiotic-resistant Bacteria in Massachusetts Children
10/1/03 AHRQ Announces Expanded Resource to Help Adults Stay Healthy
9/16/03 HHS, VA Launch Patient Safety Training Program
9/1/03 AHRQ Study Identifies Key Symptoms Differentiating Inhaled Anthrax from Flu
8/22/03 $2.1 Million in Grants Awarded To Help Health Care Providers Promote Healthy Behaviors Among Their Patients
8/5/03 Spending for Prescribed Medicines Rose Sharply From 1997 Through 2000
8/4/03 HHS Announces Campaign with Hospitals and Physicians to Distribute Information about Safer Health Care
7/29/03 Task Force Recommends Specific Types of Programs to Promote Breastfeeding
7/17/03 AHRQ National Advisory Council to Meet July 25
7/14/03 Prevention Experts Urge High Blood Pressure Screening for All Adults Age 18 and Older
7/10/03 Lack of Studies on Women Limits Usefulness of Research on Coronary Heart Disease
7/7/03 Study Links Higher Physician Supply to Limits on Non-Economic Damages
6/30/03 Task Force Finds Little Evidence To Support Use of Vitamin Supplements To Prevent Cancer or Heart Disease
6/26/03 New Model Helps Hospitals and Health Systems Better Respond to Potential Bioterrorism
6/12/03 AHRQ Releases New Men's Health Tool for Medical Tests and Tips to Stay Healthy at Any Age
6/3/03 Task Force Says More Research Is Needed To Determine Usefulness of Routine Screening for Dementia
6/2/03 Patient Safety Problems In Hospitalized Children Are Substantial
5/20/03 AHRQ Moves to New Home
5/15/03 National Quality Forum Finds Consensus on 30 Patient Safety Practices
5/7/03 HHS Urges Women to Get Regular Preventive Checkups
5/2/03 AHRQ Report Describes Enhancements to Health Care Working Conditions that Could Improve Patient Safety
4/30/03 AHRQ and National Council on Patient Information and Education Produce New Tool to Help Consumers Reduce Medication Errors
4/8/03 AHRQ To Support Challenge Grants To Assess Risks to Patients and Implement Safe Practices
3/28/03 New AHRQ Report Says More Research Is Needed To Help Clinicians Better Manage Jaundice in Newborns
3/21/03 HHS To Test Use of Handheld Device Network for Transmitting Urgent Information about Biological Agents to Clinicians
3/20/03 AHRQ National Advisory Council to Meet March 28
3/19/03 Few Treatments Exist for Common Allergies, but Symptom Management May Relieve Patient Suffering
3/13/03 New AHRQ Web-based Tool Offers Hospitals Quick Checkup on Patient Safety
3/11/03 AHRQ Study Links Secondhand Smoke to Tooth Decay in Children
3/11/03 Four AHRQ-funded Articles Featured in Health Affairs Theme Issue on Health Care Quality
3/5/03 AHRQ Report Says Doctors Commonly Treat Bronchiolitis with Medicines that May Be Ineffective
3/4/03 National Survey Details Americans' Experiences with Asthma Treatments and Medications
3/4/03 Outpatient Prescription Drug-Related Injuries Are Common in Older Patients, but Many Can Be Prevented
2/21/03 Data Provide Details on Characteristics of Health Insurance of U.S. Workers
2/20/03 AHRQ Launches New Web-Based Quality Measures Resource
2/12/03 AHRQ Announces New Web-Based Medical Journal with Patient Safety Lessons Drawn from Actual Cases
2/5/03 Carolyn M. Clancy Named Director of AHRQ
2/3/03 Task Force Issues Two Recommendations on Screening for Diabetes in Adults and Pregnant Women
1/22/03 Task Force Recommends Regular Cervical Cancer Screening but Supports Less Frequent Screening for Some Women
1/15/03 New AHRQ Evidence Report Finds Autopsies Help To Uncover Medical Diagnostic Discrepancies
1/13/03 Study Finds Patients with Hip Fracture Who Leave the Hospital Too Soon Are at Risk for Worse Outcomes
1/6/03 AHRQ, American Academy of Pediatrics Announce Partnership on 20 Tips to Help Prevent Medical Errors in Children
1/3/03 Task Force Recommends Dietary Counseling for Adults with High Cholesterol and Other Risk Factors for Chronic Disease


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