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2002 Press Releases

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12/23/02 New AHRQ Data Indicate that People with Chronic Conditions Continue to Smoke
12/20/02 HHS Secretary Appoints New Members to AHRQ National Advisory Council
12/18/02 Study in Large HMO Found that Infants Discharged 1 Day after Birth Fared as Well as Those with Longer Hospital Stays
12/18/02 Childbirth and Depression Are Leading Reasons for Hospitalization of Younger Women
12/10/02 New Team Approach Dramatically Boosts Chlamydia Screening of Teen-Age Girls
12/2/02 Task Force Finds Evidence Lacking on Whether Routine Screening for Prostate Cancer Improves Health Outcomes
11/20/02 Heart Attack Survivors Who Receive Followup Care by Both a Cardiologist and a Primary Care Physician Have Lower Risk of Death
11/15/02 New AHRQ Initiative Will Move Research into Practice More Quickly
10/17/02 AHRQ Awards New Grants to Primary Care Practice-Based Research Networks
10/15/02 Task Force Issues Caution on Combined Hormone Therapy
10/9/02 AHRQ Unveils New Web-Based Instrument to Help Hospitals Assess Domestic Violence Programs
9/18/02 AHRQ Data Show Rising Hospital Charges, Falling Hospital Stays
9/16/02 Task Force Urges Routine Osteoporosis Screening for Women 65 and Older to Identify those at Risk for Fracture
9/12/02 Health Insurance Premiums Rose More Than 30 Percent Between 1996 and 2000
9/5/02 Survey on Eve of Anthrax Attacks Showed Need for Bioterrorism Training
8/23/02 AHRQ Unveils Hospital Bioterrorism Preparedness Tool
8/20/02 Two New Hormone Replacement Therapy Reviews Support Findings of Recently Halted Clinical Trial
8/20/02 Information Technology Can Help Clinicians Respond to Bioterrorism Events
8/14/02 National Survey Details Americans' Experiences with Health Care for Chronic Conditions
7/18/02 Hospitals Get New Software Tool to Improve Clinical Care
7/18/02 AHRQ National Advisory Council to Meet July 26
7/15/02 U.S. Preventive Services Task Force Urges Colorectal Cancer Screening for All Americans 50 and Over
7/2/02 AHRQ Puts Latest Hospital Care Data on the Web
7/1/02 Task Force Urges Clinicians and Patients to Discuss Pros and Cons of Taking Prescription Medicines to Reduce Breast Cancer Risk
6/17/02 Experience in Florida SCHIP May Provide Lessons for Other States' Re-Enrollment Requirements
6/9/02 New Measure May Help Prevent Patients With Pneumonia From Being Sent Home Too Soon
6/7/02 Chronic Disease Self-Management Program Can Help Prevent or Delay Disability in Patients
5/29/02 New Analysis Confirms Direct Link Between Nurse Staffing and Patient Complications and Deaths in Hospitals
5/21/02 New National Survey Data Detail Quality of Health Care For Children
5/20/02 U.S. Preventive Services Task Force Now Finds Sufficient Evidence to Recommend Screening Adults for Depression
5/15/02 Women with Pelvic Inflammatory Disease Treated as Outpatients Have Long-term Outcomes Comparable to Those Treated as Inpatients
5/14/02 New Case Study Indicates that Mental Health Parity Did Not Raise Costs for a Large Employer Who Used a Managed Care Arrangement
5/6/02 New Report Examines Systems That Rate the Strength of Scientific Research Studies and Their Findings
5/1/02 Black and Hispanic HIV Patients Are Less Likely to Get Experimental Medications
4/30/02 New Study Shows That Patients Who Take Beta Blockers Before Heart Bypass Surgery Have Improved Outcomes
4/25/02 Government Agencies Launch New Health Care Quality Information Web Site
4/10/02 Nationwide Study Confirms that Older Patients Who Need Certain High-Risk Surgeries Fare Better in More Experienced Hospitals
4/4/02 AHRQ Seeks Applications To Evaluate Use of Financial and Non-Financial Incentives in Health Care
3/28/02 Expanded Web Site Will Help Primary Care Physicians Diagnose Smallpox, Anthrax, and other Bioterrorism-Related Infections
3/28/02 New National Survey Details Americans Experiences with Health Care Services
3/28/02 Use of Drugs to Treat ADHD and Depression in Youth Steadily Increased from 1995-1999
3/25/02 AHRQ National Advisory Council to Meet March 29
3/22/02 Secretary Thompson Names Carolyn Clancy, M.D., as Acting Director of AHRQ
3/19/02 AHRQ's Online Hospital Statistics Tool Now Features 1998 and 1999 National, Regional and State Data
3/8/02 AHRQ-Funded Study Shows Increase in Aspirin Use in Patients With Heart Disease, But Underuse is Still a Concern
2/21/02 HHS Affirms Value of Mammography for Detecting Breast Cancer
2/19/02 AHRQ and VA Announce Research Priority: Translating Research into Practice
2/13/02 New Report Outlines Effective Strategies for Training Clinicians to Deal With Potential Bioterrorist Threats
2/11/02 Dental Diagnostic and Preventive Care Procedures Have Increased Since 1987
2/1/02 HHS Agency Gives Consumers Tips on Preventing Medical Errors
1/31/02 Trend in Hysterectomies Performed in the U.S. Has Remained Flat from 1990 to 1997
1/18/02 AHRQ Seeks Request for Proposals for Evidence-based Practice Centers II
1/14/02 AHRQ and NIH Form Partnership to Broaden Evidence Used in Consensus Development Conferences
1/14/02 U.S. Preventive Services Task Force Urges Clinicians and Patients to Discuss Aspirin Therapy
1/4/02 New Web Site Helps Hospital-Based Doctors and Nurses Diagnose Anthrax, Smallpox and Other Rare Infections


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