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2004 Press Releases

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12/22/04 Young Men Are Least Likely to Use Seat Belts, but Almost 90 Percent of American Adults Wear Them Regularly
12/21/04 New AHRQ Diabetes Care Resource Guide Offers Help to States
12/15/04 List of Priority Conditions for Research under Medicare Modernization Act Released
12/14/04 Major Health Plans and Organizations Join AHRQ To Reduce Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Health Care
12/8/04 AHRQ Issues New Report on the Safety and Effectiveness of Melatonin Supplements
11/18/04 New AHRQ Consumer Tool Puts Quit Plan in a Smoker's Hands
11/10/04 New AHRQ Survey Helps Hospitals Measure and Improve Patient Safety Culture
11/8/04 Telephone Briefing on New Hospital Patient Safety Culture Survey
10/29/04 AHRQ National Advisory Council to Meet November 5
10/27/04 Limiting Medical Interns' Work to 16 Consecutive Hours Can Substantially Reduce Serious Medical Errors in Intensive Care Units
10/25/04 Prehypertension is a Considerable Health Risk, Particularly for People Age 45 and Over
10/13/04 HHS Awards $139 Million To Drive Adoption of Health Information Technology
10/8/04 New AHRQ Report on Treatment for Extremely Obese Americans Who Suffer Life-Threatening Illnesses Finds Weight-Loss Surgery More Effective
9/30/04 AHRQ Releases Guide to Using Its Quality Indicators for Hospital Quality Reporting and Payment
9/27/04 HHS Partners with Discovery Networks, U.S., and Clinician Groups on New Tools to Help Combat Childhood Obesity
9/23/04 AHRQ to Sponsor Patient Safety Product Showcase
9/20/04 New Guide Helps Communities Prepare for Vaccine and Drug Dispensing in the Event of a Bioterrorism or Other Public Health Emergency
9/13/04 Many Chronically Ill Patients Don't Tell Their Doctors That They Limit Use of Prescription Drugs Because of Cost
9/8/04 New Study Estimates That Some Pregnant Women Are Prescribed Drugs Which May Be Considered Unsafe During Pregnancy
9/8/04 Oral Erythromycin Combined with a Number of Commonly Used Drugs May Increase the Risk of Sudden Cardiac Death
8/2/04 Some Programs To Increase Exercise Have Lasting Effects
7/27/04 New Tool Helps State and Local Officials Locate Alternate Health Care Sites During a Potential Bioterrorism Emergency
7/23/04 AHRQ National Advisory Council To Meet July 30
7/2/04 AHRQ Translating Research Into Practice Conference to Convene July 12-14 in Washington, DC
6/14/04 AHRQ Makes Access to Hospital Data Easier
6/7/04 Children in Hospitals Frequently Experience Medical Injuries
5/25/04 Task Force Recommends Vision Screening for Children Younger Than 5 Years Old
5/20/04 New AHRQ Tool Helps Hospitals with Emergency Management Plans
5/18/04 Significant Increases in Drug Co-Payments May Reduce Patients' Use of Needed Medications
5/7/04 New Report Says Better Coordination of Resources Along Regional Lines is Essential to Bioterrorism Preparedness
5/3/04 Studies Show Lower Nurse Staffing Levels Contribute To Poor Patient Outcomes
4/29/04 New AHRQ Tool for PDAs Helps Clinicians Select Preventive Services by Age and Gender
4/28/04 Elderly Pay More out of Pocket for Dental Services Than Any Other Age Group
4/22/04 AHRQ Evidence Reports Confirm that Fish Oil Helps Fight Heart Disease
4/16/04 Task Force Recommends that Primary Care Clinicians Prescribe Fluoride Supplements to Prevent Cavities in Preschool Children
4/15/04 AHRQ Announces Booklet To Help Older Adults Stay Healthy
4/13/04 Early Surgery Reduces Hip Fracture Pain
4/8/04 New Evidence Report Illustrates Links Between Health Literacy and Health Care Use and Outcomes
4/5/04 Task Force Recommends that Primary Care Clinicians Screen and Counsel Adults to Prevent Misuse of Alcohol
4/5/04 Improving Depression Care has Long-lasting Benefits for African Americans and Hispanics
3/26/04 AHRQ National Advisory Council To Meet April 2
3/23/04 New Study Indicates that Hysterectomy Leads to Better Outcomes and Greater Patient Satisfaction than Medicine for Abnormal Uterine Bleeding
3/9/04 New Study Suggests that Clinical Guidelines Used to Treat Infants with Fevers May Not Improve Outcomes
3/1/04 New AHRQ Tool for PDAs Helps Clinicians Treat Community-acquired Pneumonia
2/16/04 Treadmill Testing, EKG, and CT Scans Not Recommended For Screening Patients At Low Risk For Heart Disease
1/21/04 New Data Available That Show Relationship Between Diabetes, Obesity, and Chronic Disease
1/16/04 New Study Estimates Potential Savings Gained by Expanding Use of Beta Blockers in Heart Failure Patients
1/15/04 AHRQ Announces New Chair and Members of U.S. Preventive Services Task Force


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