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1999 Press Releases

Date   Title
12/20/99 AHRQ Releases Reports on Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
12/17/99 AHRQ Seeks Best Practices and Innovative Strategies To Reduce Medical Errors and Improve Patient Safety
12/17/99 AHRQ Seeks Proposals For Translating Research Into Practice: Round II
12/16/99 AHRQ Announces New Resource on Prenatal Care Effectiveness
12/15/99 AHRQ Releases New MEPS Data on Prescription Drug Expenditures
12/8/99 President Clinton Signs Agency Reauthorization Legislation Officially Creating Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
11/24/99 AHCPR Awards Grants To Improve the Quality of Care in the Area of Nursing Research
11/23/99 AHCPR Awards 5 New Research Projects To Assess Quality Improvement Strategies
11/23/99 Agency Reauthorization Passes with Wide Bipartisan Support
11/22/99 AHCPR Awards Four Grants Aimed at Translating Evidence-based Research into Improved Clinical Practice
11/18/99 AHCPR Awards 12 New Research Projects Aimed at Improving Quality of Care for Vulnerable Populations
11/18/99 Highlights From Recent AHCPR Research Findings
11/15/99 AHCPR Announces the Mentored Clinical Scientist Development Award (K08)
11/10/99 New Imaging Test Helps ER Docs Separate out Faster Patients in Danger of Heart Attack from Other ER Patients
11/10/99 AHCPR to Improve Patient Data Oversight in Research
11/10/99 Spinal Cord Injury and Infant Breathing Problems Are the Most Expensive Conditions to Treat in Hospitals
11/8/99 Study Reveals Potential of Business Coalitions to Buy Health Care Quality as Well as Contain Costs
11/2/99 AHCPR National Advisory Council to Meet November 5
10/26/99 Strategies for Eliminating Minority Health Disparities Focus of New AHCPR Research Solicitation
10/15/99 New Report Available on Effectiveness of Rehabilitation for Children and Adolescents with Traumatic Brain Injury
10/12/99 AHCPR, Packard Foundation and HRSA Award $9.1 Million for Studies Designed to Improve Health Care for Low-income Children
10/7/99 Highlights From Recent AHCPR Research Findings
10/5/99 Federal Agencies to Sponsor Meeting on Working Conditions and Quality of Care
9/29/99 AHCPR Launches Research Program to Improve the Safe and Effective Use of Medical Products
9/27/99 Care for Elderly Heart Attack Patients by HMOs Is at Least as Good as Fee-for-service Plans
9/27/99 AHCPR Makes Getting State Hospital Data Easier
9/24/99 HHS Secretary Appoints New Members to AHCPR National Advisory Council
9/8/99 Highlights From Recent AHCPR Research Findings
9/1/99 HMO Hospital Quality May Depend on Where Members Live
8/26/99 Top Five Most Expensive Hospital Diagnoses, 1996 (PDF File for reproduction, 198 KB) PDF Help.
8/26/99 Top Five Most Expensive Hospital Procedures, 1996 (PDF File for reproduction, 212 KB) PDF Help.
8/26/99 Top Five Reasons for Hospital Admission, 1996 (PDF File for reproduction, 199 KB) PDF Help.
8/26/99 Why Americans Are Hospitalized and What it Costs Detailed in New Government Report
8/18/99 Divorce Reduces Informal Caregiving and Economic Ties Between Elderly Parents and Their Adult Children
8/2/99 AHCPR'S Evidence Centers Examining Quality Screening, Cancer Risk Reduction, Other Health Care Areas
7/26/99 Highlights From Recent AHCPR Research Findings
7/20/99 Patients in Managed Care Plans Value the Role of Primary Care Physicians but Want Them to Be Coordinators, Not Gatekeepers
7/9/99 Donald M. Berwick, M.D. Named as Chair of AHCPR's National Advisory Council
7/1/99 AHCPR National Advisory Council to Meet July 9
6/28/99 AHCPR Awards 10 Large Grants in Areas of Emphasis
6/28/99 New Online Service Offers Quick Answers to Questions About Hospital Care
6/28/99 New Resource Available For Nursing Home Data
6/23/99 AHCPR to Fund Centers of Excellence for Research on Health Care Markets and Managed Care
6/22/99 Access to Life-sustaining Anti-HIV Drugs Slow for Poor and Uninsured Patients, but Disparities Are Narrowing
6/22/99 Prostate Cancer: More Long-term Research Needed on Cryosurgery as a Second-line Therapy
6/18/99 Highlights from AHCPR's Research Activities
6/8/99 Reliability of Current Physician Report Cards Questioned
6/7/99 Quality of Care Most Important Nursing Home Measure
6/2/99 Teen Depression Treatment Objective of New AHCPR-funded Study
5/21/99 Highlights from AHCPR's Research Activities
5/20/99 AHCPR Unveils Its Updated Health Care Quality Improvement Database
5/7/99 AHCPR Requests Nominations of Topics forEvidence-based Practice Centers (EPCs)
4/22/99 Highlights from AHCPR's March Research Activities
4/13/99 Report Points to Two New Medications That Show Promise in Fighting Alcoholism
4/6/99 Factors Other than Health Insurance Coverage Responsible for Declines in Access for Young Adults and All Hispanics
3/30/99 Research on Swallowing Problems in the Elderly Highlights Potential for Preventing Pneumonia in Stroke Patients
3/23/99 Inexpensive Antibiotics Are as Effective as Newer, More Expensive Ones in Treating Acute Bacterial Sinusitis
3/22/99 AHCPR Announces New Topics for the U.S.Preventive Services Task Force
3/22/99 New National Data Set Provides in-depth Picture of Hospital Care in the U.S.
3/18/99 Newer Antidepressant Drugs Are Equally as Effective as Older-generation Drug Treatments, Research Shows
3/8/99 Highlights from AHCPR's Research Activities
3/3/99 Children's Health Insurance Coverage Is Related to Family Structure and Income
2/25/99 Preventing Avoidable Illnesses in Hispanics Objective of New Nationwide Education Effort: Latest Recommendations Now Available in Spanish
2/22/99 New Resource Available For Minority Health Data
2/4/99 AHCPR National Advisory Council to Meet February 12
2/1/99 Therapeutics Research Centers to Be Established Through Federal Cooperative Agreement Funding: Applications Sought
1/28/99 Research Does Not Support Routine Use of Antibiotics to Prevent Urinary Tract Infections in Paralyzed Persons
1/26/99 AHCPR Calls for Researchers to Assess Quality Improvement Strategies, Will Award up to $2 Million for Projects
1/21/99 The Pap Test Still Best Bet, but New Technologies Show Promise of Improving Screening Outcomes
1/20/99 AHCPR and Packard Foundation Invite Applications for Research to Improve Health Care for Low-income Children
1/14/99 AHCPR Names First Child and Adolescent Health Scholar
1/14/99 HHS Launches New Quality Resource for Health Professionals on the World Wide Web
1/12/99 AHCPR Seeks Study Proposals For Putting Research to Work in Medical Practice
1/12/99 Most Testosterone-Suppressing Treatments for Advanced Prostate Cancer Produce Similar Outcomes
1/8/99 National Guideline Clearinghouse™ to be Unveiled January 14
1/7/99 New Medications Show Promise in Fighting Alcohol Dependence
1/5/99 Quality Improvement Campaign Increases Use of Steroids to Reduce Complications of Preterm Births in Pregnant Women


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