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2000 Press Releases

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Date   Title
12/19/00 AHRQ Report on Diagnostic Technologies for Acute Cardiac Ischemia
12/18/00 Certain Drug Therapies Are Effective in Prolonging Pregnancies of Women in Preterm Labor
12/12/00 Releasing Medical Study Findings Early has Downside
12/11/00 Survey Shows that Medical Errors and Malpractice Are Among Public's Top Measures of Health Care Quality
12/5/00 AHRQ Awards 15 New Research Projects on Key Topics
12/4/00 Results of Survey on Health Quality, Medical Errors, and Patient Safety to be Released
11/21/00 $3.4 Million for New AHRQ Research Projects Aimed at Putting Research to Work to Improve Health Care Quality
11/17/00 Half of All Hospital Patients Have Coexisting Diseases
11/16/00 AHRQ Publishes Summary of the Evidence for the Prevention of Thromboembolism after Injury
11/15/00 AHRQ Issues the Phase One Final Report With New CD-ROM on Stroke Study
11/14/00 AHRQ Names Senior Scholar in Residence on Domestic Violence
11/14/00 AHRQ Awards New Research Projects to Help Victims of Domestic Violence
11/14/00 Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Health Care Are Explored in Theme Issue
11/13/00 AHRQ Issues Second in a Series of Requests for Applications on Patient Safety Research
11/9/00 AHRQ Awards Six Grants in Systems-Related Best Practices to Improve Patient Safety
11/9/00 $45 Million Earmarked for Research on Strategies for Eliminating Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities
11/8/00 Long-term Care Users Range in Age and Most Do Not Live in Nursing Homes
11/6/00 Meeting Scheduled on November 30 to Discuss Medical Errors and Patient Safety Research Agenda
11/3/00 AHRQ Leading Effort to Develop National Report on Health Care Quality
10/31/00 Lack of English Ability Creates Substantial Barrier to Hispanic Children's Access to Health Care
10/30/00 AHRQ Issues the Summary of Evidence Report on the Management of Acute Exacerbations of COPD
10/26/00 AHRQ National Advisory Council to Meet November 3
10/26/00 AHRQ to Support Centers of Excellence Under New Comprehensive Patient Safety Research Program
10/24/00 Three AHRQ-Funded Articles Featured in JAMA Health Care Access Theme Issue
10/19/00 AHRQ Awards 13 Grants for Translating Research Into Practice II
10/18/00 AHRQ Supports Anti-Bioterrorism Research and Planning
10/17/00 AHRQ's Integrated Delivery System Research Network Starts First Studies
10/16/00 AHRQ Evidence Practice Centers Examining Parkinson's Disease, Bioterrorism, Stroke, and 12 Other Health Care Topics
10/11/00 AHRQ Awards 10 New Research Projects on Key Topics
10/11/00 AHRQ Issues Evidence Report on the Management of Chronic Hypertension in Pregnancy
10/10/00 Agencies Schedule Conference on Best Practices for Enhancing Work Conditions, Patient Safety
10/10/00 Information Now Available on Children's Mental Health
10/5/00 Health Plan Performance as Measured by Health Plan Reporting Tool Found to Vary by Enrollee Ethnicity, Education
10/3/00 AHRQ Report Finds Little or Inconclusive Evidence of Health Benefits of Garlic
10/2/00 AHRQ Supports 19 Primary Care Practice-based Research Networks
9/26/00 CD-ROM Tutorial on the National Guideline Clearinghouse™ Now Available
9/19/00 HHS Secretary Appoints New Members to AHRQ National Advisory Council
9/15/00 AHRQ Expands Program to Improve Safe and Effective Use of Medical Products
9/14/00 Anesthesia Management of Cataract Surgery Subject of New Evidence Report
9/14/00 Which Conditions Treated in the Hospital Have the Highest Charges?
9/12/00 Teaching Hospitals Provide Better Care for Older Heart Attack Patients
9/12/00 AHRQ Names Second Child and Adolescent Health Scholar
9/8/00 Most Cost-Effective Tests for Colon Cancer Screening Are Sigmoidoscopy and Stool Blood Test
8/31/00 AHRQ Issues the Summary of Evidence Report on the Prediction of Risk for Patients with Unstable Angina
8/15/00 AHRQ Establishes Rapid-Response Research Network
8/9/00 New AHRQ Guide Helps Spanish-Speaking Patients Find Reliable Treatment Information
8/9/00 Clinical Evidence Shows Limited Effect of Antibiotic Treatment on Children With Acute Otitis Media
8/3/00 Elderly New Yorkers Tend to Use Local Hospitals Even When Severely Ill
8/2/00 Hispanic and Black Americans Still More Likely than Whites To Be Uninsured
7/31/00 Women Over Age 80 Less Likely to Receive Full Range of Treatments for Breast Cancer
7/20/00 AHRQ National Advisory Council to Meet July 28
7/19/00 AHRQ Establishes Centers of Excellence to Conduct Research on Market Forces Affecting Health Care Systems
7/17/00 AHRQ Issues Summary of Evidence Report on Criteria for Weaning from Mechanical Ventilation
7/17/00 AHRQ Issues Summary of Evidence Report on Disability in Patients with Chronic Renal Failure
7/13/00 First National Summit on Medical Errors and Patient Safety Research to be Held September 11 in Washington, DC
7/10/00 AHRQ Has New Data About Cost of Health Care
6/27/00 AHRQ Announces the Availability of a Study on Heart Attacks Without Chest Pain
6/27/00 Urologists and Radiation Oncologists Agree on Some Aspects of Prostate Cancer Treatment but Not on Which Is Best
6/26/00 AHRQ Announces Its Priority Interests For Grant-supported Research
6/26/00 AHRQ Announces Availability of Ambulatory Surgery Databases
6/22/00 American Hospital Care Subject of New Federal Report
6/22/00 AHRQ Revamps Web Site To Make Information More Accessible
6/16/00 AHRQ Announces the Senior Scholar in Residence Position on Domestic Violence
6/14/00 AHRQ Awards 9 New Research Projects in Five Areas
6/13/00 New Report Available on Management of New Onset Atrial Fibrillation
6/2/00 AHRQ Announces the Kerr White Visiting Scholars Program
6/1/00 Direct Access to Specialists May Not Raise Managed Care Plans' Costs
5/24/00 Hospital Primary Angioplasty Experience Is Associated with Survival for Heart Attack Patients
5/8/00 Differences in Hospital Admission Rates Between Managed Care and Other Insurers Leveling Off
5/8/00 Letting Employees Keep Their Doctors and Low Cost Drive Choice of Health Plans, Say Small Businesses
5/2/00 Has the Gender or Racial Composition of Nursing Homes Changed?
4/26/00 AHRQ Will Show Reporters How to Use its New Web Software to Get Hospital Data Online
4/12/00 AHRQ Centralizes Access to 1997 State Inpatient Data
4/12/00 AHRQ Study Finds Race, Not Gender, Limits Access to Life-saving Therapies for Heart Attack
4/4/00 New Patient Fact Sheet on Medical Errors Available from AHRQ
3/31/00 AHRQ Study Finds Quarter of Cesarean Sections May Be Performed Too Early in Labor
3/22/00 New AHRQ Resource Helps Patients Find Information on Their Diseases
3/20/00 Highlights from Recent AHRQ Findings
3/15/00 AHRQ Releases Nation's Most Current Hospital Discharge Data
3/10/00 AHRQ National Advisory Council to Meet March 17
3/6/00 Cost Is Not the Primary Factor Driving Managed Care Organizations' Decisions to Cover New Drugs
3/6/00 Updated Online Service Answers Questions in Seconds about Hospital Care
3/2/00 Racial and Ethnic Differences in Patient Ratings of Primary Care Physicians
3/1/00 National Guideline Clearinghouse™ Triples Number of Guidelines
2/29/00 Reliable Method Developed for Measuring Asthma Symptoms in Latino Children
2/29/00 AHRQ Offers Pre-doctoral Fellowship Awards for Minority Students
2/22/00 AHRQ Seeks Study Proposals to Conduct Research on Domestic Violence Against Women
2/15/00 Highlights from Recent AHRQ Research Findings
2/14/00 AHRQ Names Deborah A. Zarin, M.D., as New Director for Technology Assessment
2/10/00 AHRQ Seeking Partners for its Integrated Delivery System Research Network
2/8/00 Research Shows Simple Resuscitation Method as Best for Children in Out-of-Hospital Emergency Settings
2/1/00 New Report Available Evaluating Drug Treatment and Alternative Therapies for Stable Angina
1/31/00 Enhancing Community-Based Primary Care Research: AHRQ Planning Grants for Practice-Based Research Networks
1/27/00 AHRQ Announces New Resource to Help People over 50 Stay Healthy
1/20/00 Highlights from Recent AHRQ Research Findings
1/18/00 CAHPS® 2.0 Version Now Is Available
1/11/00 Improved Treatment Program for Depression in Primary Care Settings Improves Patient Outcomes and Employment
1/10/00 Report Issued on the Health Care of America's Young
1/10/00 Patients Like Care Better from Doctors Not Limited to a Single Health Plan
1/7/00 AHRQ Seeks Study Proposals for Putting Research to Work on Quality in Health Care
1/4/00 AHRQ Releases Preliminary 1996 MEPS Data on Medical Expenditures
1/3/00 Helen Burstin, M.D., Named Director of AHRQ's Center for Primary Care Research (CPCR)

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